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About Our Founder -- One founder, one owner, one director, one mission and one vision since 1968

Introducing Our  Founder -- Nancy Brophy

Nancy Brophy founder, owner and director of Tom Thumb Mrs. Nancy Brophy is the Director and owner of the Tom Thumb Preschool which she founded in 1968. Nancy's vision of Tom Thumb has always been to run a preschool that's totally immersed in "child development". She has accepted this lifetime-calling to grow and improve the individual child by pursuing "excellence in education". Tom Thumb is "dedicated to the next generation of Americans" and improving our society by helping our children reach their full potential and become the best they can be.

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Tom Thumb Entrance

Nancy has created a learning environment that not only includes lifetime skills development, but enriches children's lives. She believes learning should be fun and interesting and firmly supports the Power of Play and that play is child's work. Her commitment to the belief that children have their own special strengths that time and play will reveal is part of her proven practice of developing each individual at their own pace.


Nancy Brophy's education started at the crossroads of the world, Panama, Canal Zone, where she attended a multi-racial and bilingual comprehensive high school. Nancy received the experience of a lifetime by being exposed to cultures from South America, Asia and Africa. She received a BS degree in Education from SUNY at Potsdam. Her college studies included a special program of visiting 11 countries in Europe with Wayne University. She has graduate courses from Framingham State and Western Connecticut State colleges. Nancy has been a New York State accredited teacher all of her career and continues her professional education by regularly attending numerous workshops including the Madeline Hunter Model and the Gesell Institute of Child Development. Nancy also attends the training courses taught by the Office of Children and Family Services each year.

Teaching Experience:

  • Peru, South America - taught 18 students, grades 1 through 8, all academic subjects
  • Brewster NY Junior High School taught  8th grade English and History
  • France-US Army School for Dependents, 7th and 8th grades all academic subjects
  • Ashland, Mass. Junior High School, 7th grade World Political Geography and English
  • Copper Beech Middle School, (Lakeland School District), 7thgrade History and English
  • Director and active teacher at Tom Thumb Preschool since 1968

Westchester County Board of Legislators have expressed gratitude to Nancy Brophy. Click on web page to view Westchester County News and to find out more.