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ThumBelina Program -- Early education should begin with gentle loving care and always with fun

ThumBelina - First School for Two's

For Children Starting at Age 2 years Old by December 1st

Fiona - original student Thumbelina was design for It's no wonderful why our students are happy about school.

ThumBelina is a facility design for toddlers and two' focus program. We are skilled and experienced with this age group.

ThumBelina is a wonderful place to grow with loving care, fun, play and learning. We are way beyond child-care. We are a pre-school

Just consider ThumBelina as "A Home Away from Home" completely devoted to the needs of two year olds.

ThumBelina is a child development program to enhance educational and social skills, while concurrently improving their body movement, motor skills and dexterity of twos. We go far beyond the typical toddler program of day-care by immersing our students into the ThumBelina Learning Environment designed expertly for this age.

Our program provides a fresh new approach especially geared to helping two years olds grow mentally, physically and socially.

Your child is precious and the first 5 years of their life determines who they will become. Consider what’s best for your child and the program that will best help him or her grow. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to know ThumBelina delivers a quality education that you can trust at a very reasonable price.

Please read further to discover the details of our program and value we provide. To view tuition options available, click on Thumbelina Tuition.

Tom Thumb's "Terrific Twos"
Tom Thumb Building

We are a leader in preschool educations for decades and have developed in 2010 ThumBelina -- Terrific Twos Program with the quality you expect.


Although our programs includes day-care services, we are a private school with experienced New York State Department of Education accredited teachers and certified by the State of New York Social Services.


Don’t be fooled with preschools with large marketing budgets with a script sent by corporate and staffed with limited educational and child development experience. Your child deserves the best quality education and care available.

crayolaTom Thumb is successful because of our loving care and our superior early childhood educational services. We improve the lives of our students since 1968.

Please call us for an appointment to visit our school and talk with our Director.

ThumBelina is a safe and healthy environment for your child.

Our Facilities are Designed Specially for Two's

ThumBelina Back entrance Wall in Thumbelina classroom Thumbelina class room # 2

ThumBelina Program Details

Boy relaxingThumbelina is our newest child development and educational program focused on promoting intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.

We have built a new facility just for ThumBelina located on the Tom Thumb Campus. It's a creative environment for play and to learn. Our new place is warm, fun and secure. We provide the perfect atmosphere to allow our students to feel comfortable, capable, special and at home. - "A Home Away from Home"

Our program is personalized to this stage-of-life by emphasizing the development of the inner self:

  • Self-image
  • Self control
  • Respect and appreciation for their accomplishments
  • Discovery of boundaries and rules
  • Changing contrary (No) thinking to exploring options to choose

Boy play with ballThumBelina Students will Learn and Practice:

  • Physical Activities
  • Small Muscle Skills
  • Language Development:
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Basic Self-Care
  • Toilet Training

We are now enrolling for our ThumBelina Program fall semester. Please call (914) 528-5600 or email us to receive our new ThumBelina Brochure.

Please Note: This is a new policy for this year and applies for Tom Thumb/Thumbelina as well. -- for example: If Lakeland delays 2 hours Tom Thumb will delay 1 hour only (Tom Thumb will open at 10:00 for all students). For those registered for Before Care it will also be delayed one hour.