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Tom Thumb in the News -- Tom Thumb's Founder is in the News

Tom Thumb in Westchester County News

The following articles are about either Tom Thumb Preschool or Nancy Brophy, Tom Thumb's founder.

New York State Assembly Citation

Assemblyman Greg Ball presented Nancy Brophy with a New York State Assembly Citation NY State Assembly Citation for children to reach their full potential at Tom Thumb.

Special Place in Mohegan Lake

Click on First to make a school allergen free,”Westchester County Proclamation for Nancy Brophy to view the article Aaward presentation award certiifcateSpecial Boy Finds a Special Place in Mohegan Lake, from This article is about Phillipa Sheard trying to get into a nursery school, but is discriminated against because of food allergies.

Proclamation of Nancy Brophy Day

Westchester County Proclamation The Westchester County Board of Legislators have expressed gratitude to Nancy Brophy for her commitment to the highest standards of excellence in public service that has greatly affected the lives our citizens by proclaiming Nancy Brophy Day in Westchester County on June 4.

Click Westchester County Proclamation articleWestchester County Proclamation to view the article Nancy Brophy Day: Celebrating a Visionary from This article briefly discusses Nancy Brophy Day, as well as, the Tom Thumb Preschool.


Click on Article about Nancy BrophyWestchester County Proclamation for Nancy Brophy to view the article Boldstokes, a Special Feature from Westchester County Business Journal. This article is a discussion of Nancy Brophy as a mavericks and mover who dares to make a personal mark by creating the Tom Thumb Campus. The major theme of this article is the physical fitness of children in today's environment.