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We Make Education a Fun Learning Experience

Tom Thumb Philosophy -- Educating the next great generation of Americans is our most important task.

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Dedicated to the Next Great Generation of Americans

Our philosophy is to make this world a better place. We help improve our society by changing the individual through education. At Tom Thumb, it's okay to be you and to develop at your own pace. We respect the individual and his or her differences and we are committed to develop the individual person. We encourage every child to be the best they can be.

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is designed and dedicated to our future generation. It is the responsibility of this generation to pass on to the next, those things which it has found to be of value. We are dedicated to improving the next generation of young Americans. This is our greatest and most rewarding task.

With our focus on early education and development of the individual, maximum growth can only be achieved when our children have a good "self-image". As children participate in a variety of well-planned activities, they can explore and be aware of their various potentials. We seek to discover children's strengths; for it's the leveraging of their strengths that will help them achieve "success in school". The programs offered by Tom Thumb are centered around these premises and an understanding that education must be vital and alive and should be seen, touched, and thoroughly explored.

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