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Tom Thumb Preschool

Gift of Time

The Gift of Time gives our students the needed time to be ready for Kindergarten.

tom thumb logoWe ensure our students get the time to mature socially & emotionally.

The Gift of Time Program has been used effectively in helping a number of our students to gain the needed time before attending Kindergarten. This program is for children who are affected by one of the following:

  • Born in the fall. They may be younger by as much as six-to-eight months. Children who just turned five are significantly at a different stage of development from children about to turn six. This age difference may justify the need for more time in preschool.

Kindergarten Readiness

Quality preschool education is a critical and essential foundation for Kindergarten. The time to be in preschool allows your child to acquire the necessary skills, exercise higher levels of self-control, and feel secure and confident. That said, having the right amount of time in preschool to prepare for Kindergarten can mean the difference of success and liking school versus struggling and possible having difficulty with school.

Our Preschool Experience

At Tom Thumb, our high-quality preschool programs develop the much needed emotional, age-appropriate academics, and social skills that children will to need to enter Kindergarten.

Read about Thomas, a Tom Thumb Graduate, that benefited from our Gift of Time Program; click on Meet Thomas a Tom Thumb Graduate – College Bound.

To learn more about attending Kindergarten too early, click on Much Too Early or When to Start Kindergarten?

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