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The Gift of Time is a Tom Thumb Program


Tom Thumb’s “Gift of Time” is for parents of Tom Thumb students that want to give them more time to mature. The “Gift of Time” is available for those students who are turning 5 years old by November 30th and would have been eligible for Kindergarten next September. The readiness to enter Kindergarten and confidence in a new learning environment is highly correlated with the child’s emotional and social maturity. Tom Thumb’s “Gift of Time” provides the vital extra time of another year. Contact Tom Thumb to learn more about the “Gift of Time”program.

Pam gave her son Jack the “Gift of Time” in 2006. She recently wrote an email 10 years later and gave us some insights about Jack. The following is Pam’s email.

email note from pam about jack and the gift of time

Original email note from Pam

Good evening

I know you have both taught a lot of children over the years. My daughter, Emily and son Jack both attended your school in the early 2000s. My son Jack is a September baby and through your guidance we gave him the gift of time. And what a gift it was. I am proud to tell you that he just entered his freshman year in high school and decided to run for freshman class president. As luck would have it he WON. I am sharing this with you because I know that if we hadn’t given him the gift of time he would have never had the confidence of maturity to take advantage of this opportunity.

So ten years later I want to say thank you for helping to create a more successful future for my son. I believe the gift of time has made a huge difference in his life.



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