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Tom Thumb Preschool

Staff Video

From the Entire Tom Thumb Staff – WE MISS YOU!


Mrs. Brophy

career vests

Career Vests – Which one do you like best? and Why?

career vests

Career Vests – Which one do you like best? and Why?



Mrs. Fitzgerald



Mrs. Cancro



Mrs. Kowal



Mrs. Gallagher



Ms. Jessica



Mrs Cappello



Mrs. Chervin



Mrs. Mula



Ms. Tracy



Mrs. Cichetti


Mrs. Constantino




Mrs. Rainbeaus


Mrs. Rambala


  1. Melissa

    Thank you so much for posting “Teacher Videos” on the website. Madelynn was so excited to see some of her teachers! She misses Tom Thumb very much! 😊 We hope everyone is staying healthy!

  2. Jen

    Sofia loved seeing you Mrs. Gallagher- she asks… mom can we call her? sweetest thing ever!

  3. Kelly

    These put a smile on Samantha’s face! Thank you for posting! She misses all of her teachers and friends very much!

  4. Jill Pirrotta

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful videos from the teachers. We appreciate the time that was taken to do this. Adelyn was smiling from ear to ear seeing everyone. She misses Mrs Kowal and Mrs Menon very much. Aubree enjoyed watching all of the videos again and reminiscing on her best years with you! Stay safe everyone ! Xoxo

  5. Kami

    Thank you so much for posting these videos! They brought such a smile to Cariana’s face. Cariana misses you all and Tom Thumb very much. We hope everyone is safe and doing well. 🙂

  6. Jenna K

    This put a huge smile on Maya’s and Sadie’s face. Thank you for this. We miss you all, stay safe and healthy!!

  7. Christina morrone

    Gino loved watching these videos! Thank you so much. He said he misses you all so much!! Stay safe and healthy.

  8. Sandra Santos-Lacey

    Oh my goodness. How did I miss these? Thank you everyone. Mrs. Vaughn Dakarai talks about you daily. He misses his friends too! Stay safe everyone.

  9. Christina

    Thank you so much for these amazing videos! All of the Hurleys miss Tom Thumb very much! Stay safe!

  10. Jacqueline Vazquez

    Thanks so much for posting these videos, Ryan was so happy while watching them and he wants you all to know he loved them and he misses everyone so much

  11. Christina Luft

    Savannah misses Mrs Gallagher so much. When she saw your video she started crying. She loves you and loves Tom Thumb!

  12. Anuja Dhanoa

    Aww, Thank you all for such wonderful videos! Satej really misses his teachers and his friends.

  13. Christine Wilner-Miguel

    Logan misses you all. He sends big hugs and lots of love. He can’t wait til he can see you again. He can’t wait to be a Junior next year. Thank you for all you do and continue to do. Stay safe! Stay well!

  14. Michelle Talavera-Egan

    Thank you so much for a wonderful year . It’s been a tough year of adjustments especially during a pandemic. As a parent, I can’t thank you for enough for Tom thumb’s staff efforts keeping my child safe. It’s a three year growing journey for my daughter at Tom Thumb preschool. Thank you for helping her grow.


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