Tom Thumb Preschool
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We Make Education a Fun Learning Experience

About Us -- Tom Thumb has continued to improve both programs and facilities since its inception.

Tom Thumb Preschool is located in the Town of Yorktown, NY

Tom Thumb is way beyond child care. We are a school Tom Thumb Preschool was conceived by Nancy Brophy to create an environment emphasizing the development of each child’s ability to be comfortable and confident. Throughout the years it has become synonymous with "excellence in education".

We constantly look for new and better ways to upgrade and add to our program; always striving for a warm, intimate relationship between teacher and pupil; one that always has your child's best interest at heart.

Parents, teachers and staff members work together as a single unit to provide a fun filled year of growth, learning and achievement. Our children interact with each other and our staff to discover the world around them.

Working with children is perhaps the most fulfilling and highest purpose in life. We set high standards and expectations to make everyday an adventure. All of our children are not only important to our society, but are the builders of our future. Tom Thumb Preschool is dedicated to helping our children grow, finding their strengths and developing lifetime skills.

There is a Chinese proverb that says, "If you want happiness for a lifetime -- Help the next generation."

Tom Thumb is dedicated to the Next Generation of Americans.