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Tom Thumb Preschool

Our Curriculum
We offer educational programs for children ages 2 through 5 years and enrichment summer camp for children through 5th grade.

Tom Thumb Preschool Curriculum

All of the Tom Thumb Programs are expertly designed for each preschool age group to focus on child development and educational achievement. Our first goal is to further the child’s growth of body and mind so they can reach their full potential at their own individual learning pace. We devised our programs to be of interest and appeal to each age group and to allow them to continue on their path of learning and have fun experience at the same time.

Our programs are co-developed with the Tom Thumb facilities in mine for our playgrounds, classrooms, learning spaces, equipment and our auditorium/gym. We have implemented the best learning, play and social environment to realize our lesson plans and school activities. We use the Tom Thumb campus to immerse our students in a “full fun learning experience with the Power of Play“.


Our Programs:

ThumBelina Program check mark ThumBelina Program

2 years old by November 30 and younger children will be considered on an individual basis

Tom Thumb Junior Program check mark  Tom Thumb Junior Program

3 years old by November 30 and younger children will be considered on an individual basis

Tom Thumb Senior Program check mark  Tom Thumb Senior Program

4 years old by November 30

Tom Thumb Gift of Time check mark  Tom Thumb “Gift of Time” Program

Designed for those parents want to give their child an additional year to mature

Tom Thumb Before and after School Program check mark  Before & After School Program

For Tom Thumb Students from 2 years old through 5 years old

Tom Thumb Stay and Play Club check mark  Stay and Play Safely Club

After school program for 3 years old to elementary aged children

Tom Thumb Stay and Play Club check mark  Tom Thumb Summer Camp – “Catch Us If You Can

From  3 1/2 years through 9 years old children

Tom Thumb’s Classrooms are Color-coded

Follow the Green Line to the Green Classroom

Students can get to their classrooms easily

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