Tom Thumb Preschool

We offer a full 3 -year preschool program before entering Kindergarten and
6-year Stay & Play Safely Club.

Admissions with Our Open Enrollment Policy

We allow enrollment for our programs and placement all year round if space is available. Open enrollment means you may apply for admission anytime. Our Enrollment Policy requires a minimum age to attend as specified below:

Expected Age
Age Requirement
2 years old
The child must have turned 2 years old by November 30th
Junior Preschool
3 years old
The child must have turned 3 years old by November 30th
Senior Preschool
4 years old
The child must have turned 4 years old by November 30th
Stay & Play
5 year old or older
The child must have turned 5 years old by September 30th
or older through 5th grade
Summer Camp
3 1/2 years old or older
The child must have turned 3 1/2  years old by July 1st or older and children who attended ThumBelina or are registered to attend Tom Thumb in September or older through 5th grade.


Our Admission Policy

Tom Thumb Preschool has sustained a long-standing policy of open admission to all children regardless of race, creed, national or ethnic origin to all of our programs. Returning Tom Thumb students from the previous semester, siblings of Tom Thumb students, and legacies (children of Tom Thumb alumni) are all given special consideration for enrollment.

There is never a registration fee.


Our Tuition has No Hidden or Extra Charges.

We freely publish all of our Tuition Fees on this website, For over 50 years, Tom Thumb continues to provide an excellent value to the Lakeland School District area for early education, child development, and before & after school care. Our programs exceed those of our competitors in both quality and price. To view the tuition fees for all of our programs, click on Tom Thumb Tuition Fees.

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