Tom Thumb Preschool has over 11,500 Alumni.

sayani Aggarwal Tom thumb Graduate

Sayani Aggarwal becomes the Lakeland High School 2021 Valedictorian.

We want to know what happened to the thousands of our students who have attended or graduated from our preschool in the past 50 years. We believe the Tom Thumb experience has helped develop the next generation of Great Americans that our community, country, and the world will continue to depend on to improve our society and solve future problems. We want to know more about our alums.

We Are Looking for the Tom Thumb Alumni.

We are asking for help to reach out to our alumni community to get information about our previous students. The information we are looking for is as follows:

Thomas tom thumb graduate

Thomas, a Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate – Class of 2006 – attends Dartmouth University

  • Alumnus Name – we only use first name and last initial to refer to him or her, unless requested otherwise
  • Final Year at Tom Thumb – the year of graduation or last year attended our preschool
  • Pictures – of alumnus as a preschooler & adult
  • Region where the Alumnus Lives – location by City and State
  • Family Information – significant other’s name and the number of children
  • Highest Education Attained – High School, Trade School, Community College, 4-year College/University or Graduate School
  • Current Job – job title as a general description, for example: Self-employed or specific, for example, plumber
  • Any Words of Wisdom – share any words of wisdom about education

Please send the information we seek in an email to


Congresswoman Nan Hayworth shaking hands with Chris Monteferante

Congresswoman Nan Hayw nominated Chris (Tom Thumb Alumnus) to the nation’s service academies to receive his appointment to West Point.

Over time, we are building an alumni webpage with our previous Tom Thumb students by those who respond to this post.

To view our alumni webpage, click on Tom Thumb Alumni.

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