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This is what our student’s parents have to say about us.

Just a Few Words from Our Customers

The following are excerpts from letters and thank you notes we have received at Tom Thumb Preschool during the year. Although there is not enough time or room on this webpage to begin to mention all the positive feedback and accolades we have received. We thought it would be great to share some snippets from our files of letters and notes. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and get your remarks back to our teachers, assistant teachers, and specialists.

To read other letters and ‘thank you” notes in their entirety from our customers, please click on Parent Notes.

….Your school means so much to our family because we see amazing results in our son not only in activities. But, also in listening and growing into an independent little man. Not only does he follow directions but he learned (at school)
but that doing so at home is just as important …
A. Family

….tell you how much I admire and appreciate your dedication and commitment to the Tom Thumb School. The time and energy you put into the school reflects on so many and for so long. You have taught my daughter the key tools she will need to be successful in life and for that I
thank you.
E. Family

…Tom Thumb is more than just a preschool to me. It’s separating, socializing , coming to be. It’s organization, “Kiss ‘n Go” routine, Caring teachers & aids, a Norman Rockwell scene! Those monthly calendars, newsletters (you know the ones we
lose, Gymnastics, drumming, French, library, circle time, keyboard & computers, too…
G. Family

…Your program has been mastered..I couldn’t ask for more for my children..environment is nurturing and structured…Tom Thumb staff and programs foster both growth and independence…
C. Family

….our son attended Tom Thumb, as well as my daughter….Tom Thumb is, by far, a superior program. No other school can match the warm, inviting environment you provide….moving again to Cortlandt Manor.. I am thrilled to enroll my
youngest daughter.. thank you for providing this type of program for children.
J. Family

….thank you all for making Thomas’ first year at Tom Thumb such an amazing experience. He looked forward to coming to school each and every time. He enjoyed his time spent in special activities such as Physical Education, Music, Drumming,
and everything else offered to him.
He is already looking forward to return next year.
K. Family

….I appreciate the fact that smiling, VIGILANT teachers and/or aids are always right there greeting the children by name and leading them to the classroom. I thank all of you for the loving concern you display for our most precious commodities.
M. P. Grandmother

….”I think when I’m a father, I’m going to send my kids to Tom Thumb….
Derek age 5, Tom Thumb Student

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