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Tom ThuCommunication is important and without it there is no education

 The following are some letters and thank you notes (in their entirety) received at Tom Thumb and filed. We are proud of the accolades we get from our customers and encourage feedback; that’s either positive or constructive for us to improve. It’s crucial when you consider a preschool for your child that you take into account the school’s reputation, word-of-mouth buzz, previous and current customer references, and any written testimonials.

Dear Mrs. Brophy, Madame Gaspari and the WONDERFUL Staff at Tom Thumb,

I can’t believe that the Holiday season is upon us again. Where has the time gone? With the craziness of the season I once again feel compelled to express my gratitude for all of the wonderful experiences you have been providing my children this year at Tom Thumb. Last June, I have to admit that tears filled my eyes saying goodbye to the teachers at Thumbelina. They had given our children so much love, time and attention that Thumbelina had become their home away from home. It was definitely bitter sweet leaving Thumbelina behind. However, our children (and my husband and I) were VERY excited about the wonderful experiences that were to come at Tom Thumb. The children had heard about all the amazing things they would be doing at Tom Thumb from their older brother and sister.

When September of this year came we were nothing less than THRILLED to see Ms. Maria greet us at the before schoool door! Not only a familiar face, but a loved one. Ms. Maria is truly special to our family. Our children speak fondly of her all the time. It didn’t take long before Mrs. Grater and Mrs. Green became part of what they know and love at Tom Thumb.

Our children have been so lucky to work with many of your staff whom have provided experiences that are parallel to none. With each story, the kids tell when they come home and each monthly newsletter, I am once again reminded of why I chose Tom Thumb Preschool for my children. Your program has been mastered over the years, and while I know you are always making adjustments, I couldn’t ask for more for my children. The environment is both nurturing and structured. There are high expectations, but appropriate support is given to each child helping them meet these expectations. The Tom Thumb staff and programs foster both growth and independence, while providing the children with an experience that is both fun and memorable.

Our children look forward to coming to Tom Thumb each day and being part of new experiences where they learn and master different skills.

Mrs. Gutowski has exposed the children to the many joys of reading and has helped support what I believe to be is the most important component of a good education—the love of the craft. The children frequently come home recalling a Nursery Rhyme or a letter game they played that day. As an educator and a parent, I appreciate that the emphasis on exposure to language and not the fundamentals of learning to read. I believe this is not only developmentally appropriate but will serve them better in the long term.

Mrs. Cuddy always has a smile that seems to be contagious when the children are with her. She has exposed them to creative play and the love of the arts while incorporating important early childhood concepts. They love working with her in the Yellow Room.

Everyone in our house knows when it is a “Mrs. Fitzgerald day”. Not only does our child look forward to it, but also her older sibling, who knows she will get to see Mrs. Fitzgerald again when picking up her sister. It is no secret that Mrs. Fitzgerald truly loves what she does. She seems to have a special place in her heart for the children she teaches. I can speak from experience when I say that the memories she bestows has long-lasting resonance and we will always have a special place in our heart for her.

Our other twin has been very excited to work with Mrs. Adamiak this year as she heard many good stories from the older siblings. Mrs. Adamiak is always so creative and clever with the activities she plans for her class. Projects sent home from her class are ones we will cherish for years to come. She keeps the afternoon of a very long day fun and light while still providing important learning experiences.

Mrs. McDermott is new to us this year and she, like Mrs. Admiak, seems to be great reinforcing what is learned during the morning, yet finding a new and inventive way to approach it.

Our daughter likes working with Mrs. Benischek in the green room. Of course she is also thrilled that she gets to spend more time with Mrs. Grater who she says “I love to hug”. This partnership of teachers has been a wonderful experience for her.

I guess what I am trying to express is that both of our children’s experiences thus far have been instrumental in their social, emotional, and intellectual growth. In addition to the above-mentioned teachers, Mrs. Agha, Mrs. Cacace, Mrs. White, Mrs. Pantoja, Mrs. Murthy, and Miss Aino have played an important role in valuable experience the girls have been having, and I didn’t want that to go unsaid. We also love it when we get to see Ms. Carol, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Michelle at Tom Thumb and they too will always have a special place in our hearts.

We look forward to the next half of the school year! Thank you again for all you do for our children and all the kids at Tom Thumb!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sincerely, C.C. Family


Dear Mrs. Brophy,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you do on a daily basis. Thomas is enjoying his second year at Tom Thumb and Katelyn excitedly anticipating her days at ThumBelina. You have two amazing schools with amazing staff. We couldn’t be happier with the experience you, and your staff are providing for our children. We Hope you and your family enjoy the holiday season. We also wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year! by K. Family

Tom Thumb is more than just a preschool to me.
It separating, socializing, coming to be.
Its organization, Kiss Go a routine,
Caring teachers & aids, a Norman Rockwell scene!
Those monthly calendars, the newsletters (you know the ones) we lose,
Gymnastics, drumming, French & sand in my kid shoes!
Library, circle time, keyboard & computer, too
And there is always a kid who shows up with the flu!
Self-esteem & independence, motor skills galore,
Colors, counting, table toys, snack time & more.

What a great school beginning for all the kids you have known!
Seems like just yesterday, but now they all grown.
So, here a little touchstone for all the angles that you are
And all the angles you watched over, all the Tom Thumb stars.
So, merci, thank you, gracias & see
For nurturing our children.


Poem by G family

Dear Mrs. Brophy, Madame Gaspari and the WONDERFUL Staff at Tom Thumb,

As the holidays approach I wanted to take the opportunity to write this letter as an expression of gratitude for the wonderful experiences you have provided toour son and daughter with thus far. I was a stay at home mother who found it very difficult to leave my children in someone else care. Upon first meeting Mrs. Brophy and Madame Gaspari during our first visit to Tom Thumb, much of my anxiety was relieved. I felt confident that if my children were going to attend preschool, this surely had to be the place! Your knowledge and philosophy about children and childhood development is so in tune with what I believe makes up the important foundation of a successful preschool experience. Your program has been mastered over the years and while I know you are always making adjustments, I couldn’t ask for more for my children. The environment is both nurturing and structured. There are high expectations. The Tom Thumb staff and programs foster both growth and independence, while providing the children with an experience that is both fun and memorable. Both children look forward to coming to Tom Thumb each day and being part of new experiences where they learn and master different skills. It wasn’t easy for my son to separate from his sister at first, but Madame Gaspari really worked closely with him to help him gain confidence and realize that separation could be a good thing. Madame really holds a special place in his heart and he is always smiling when he speaks of her. Their experiences thus far have been instrumental in their social, emotional and intellectual growth. Classroom routines, consistency, and clear expectations have also been essential in their growth and development at school and I know this will be critical in preparing them for Kindergarten next year. We look forward to the next half of the school year! Thank you again for all you do for our son and daughterand all the kids at Tom Thumb! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sincerely, The C. Family

Thank you Tom Thumb Ladies, Just a little treat to say thank you for all your hard work and for those of you who took such good care of our son. Best Wishes, D. Family

Thanks Thank you to ALL the amazing teachers at Tom Thumb who have played such an important role in my daughter’s development. Thanks for all you do! Have a great summer. S. Family

Thank You Dear Nancy, Thank you for all you do for the children! My youngest daughtercan wait to start Thumbelina in the fall!! Have a great summer! M.Family

Thank you Mrs. Brophy. Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 years at Tom Thumb. I just loved school and I am all ready for Kindergarten. My sistercan wait to go to Tom Thumb in September. Love, S. Family

Thank You for Your Help To Tom Thumb Pre School For all you done, are doing, are about to do, will do later, have thought of doing and would like to do for me. Thanks! Love, H.

You are appreciated in so many different ways! Thank you and enjoy. The D. Family.

Dear Mrs. Brophy,

Thank you for all you done for my son and daughter. They have really looked forward to going to school and seeing their friends and teachers. We really appreciate all the effort and time spent with our children. I know you will continue this and it nice to know that other children will have the same opportunities as ours. Thanks again. The D. Family.

Dear Mrs. Brophy and the Tom Thumb staff,

Thank you for a wonderful year! Our daughter loved being at Tom Thumb and she loved her teachers! We really appreciate all that you do everyday to make her learning experiences fun. Have a great summer! Sincerely, T. Family

Dear Mrs. Brophy We came to Tom Thumb in 1999. Neighbors and friends referred us. We met you, saw the school, and didn need to look at another! Our oldest daughterwent on to graduate in 2001, our nextin 2003, and now our youngestis leaving and moving on to Ben Franklin. All three loved their time at Tom Thumb. Every teacher and staff member made it a wonderful experience for all. We thank you for everything! With much appreciation. With Warmest Appreciation

Dear Nancy, Thank you very much for a wonderful school year! My children had a great year they love Tom Thumb. Both my children have really grown and blossomed this past year, in large part due to the wonderful teachers at Tom Thumb. And thank you also for all your guidance, advice and support about the gift of time we truly appreciate all your help both our children will greatly benefit from it, I know. Have a wonderful summer! The M. Family.

Dear Nancy Brophy and Staff,

I am glad our daughterhad the opportunity to enjoy the Tom Thumb experience. Best Wishes, The K. Family.

I love Tom Thumb! This is my last child to go through the program & it has been a wonderful experience. The 2 older children still wish to be back @ Tom Thumb where they share fantastic memories! We will miss Nancy & the wonderful Staff and thank all of you for being so wonderful to all the children Thank you!

    1. Appreciate the early morning drop off.
    2. Feel like kids have a lot of choices.
    3. Students are taught to be independent.
    4. Like the afterschool Gymnastics at Dynamic.
    5. Allowed the students to have fun at school.
    6. Loved the shows and (programs you) offer with extracurricular, music, drums, gym, and science.

(I) would have liked an opportunity to volunteer in the classroom. My kids knew all the teachers and saw that a lot of adults knew them too. Kids also know the names of a lot of kids in other classes. The S. Family

It is no small feat to ease the worry of sending your child off to his first school experience. That is just what Tom Thumb did for us, and our son, as well. In a week time, he was happily walking the white line on his own, excited about the morning to come. Our sincerest thanks for making our family first school time a happy and fun one. Our son is already looking forward to being a senior at Tom Thumb! See you next year! M Family

We had a terrific year at Tom Thumb. My son loved going to school every day and he talked about all the fun things he did at school all the time. Thank you for a very productive, fun year! You will definitely be seeing our little one in a few years! R Family

All, my three children, are Thom Thumb students. Tom Thumb gave them a great start and a strong foundation, and they learned a lot from here. As a parent, I am very happy and proud to say that Tom Thumb provided them a very safe and positive influence, and I am sure they will cherish this thru throughout their life. Thank you! Keep Going, Madam Nancy. Sincerely, P. Family

My twin daughtershad a positive experience at Tom Thumb. They both loved their teachers. They enjoyed going to school and are looking forward to next September. I was a bit wary of separating them this year and was glad that they were able to interact on the playground. They were very excited to come home and tell me when they were able to play together. Thank you for a great year. T. Family

My sonwas so attached to me before the fall of 2009. I was hesitant to enroll him to school with the fear for him crying all day. Tom Thumb helpedhim become more independent as an individual and he learned so much. I couldn do it without Tom Thumb and highly recommend it to all my networks. The activities, programs, and classes clearly show that it is thoughtfully put together for Tom Thumb kids. Every day that my son came home from school he always had a lesson he learned to explain and new songs to sing on the way home. As a mother, I know I speak for many, I want the best for my children and enrolling them in Tom Thumb is one of the best decisions I made for my kids, because a right start in learning, using school helps build a strong foundation of manors, respect, & smarts. Thank you for all your help. God Bless. Sincerely, A Family

My daughter loves Tom Thumb. She has a younger brother who attends the junior program. Sometimes in the morning her younger brother would throw a little fit for going to school, but shewas always my sidekick to help him get ready! She says to him, You don have to go to school, but all the other kids will learn and play without you! To my surprise, with that reminder, he takes his thumb out his mouth and gets up to get ready! I have to mention that my kids drove (almost) every day to school from Ulster County (approximately a 40-minute commute one way). That tells me Tom Thumb is loved by my children just for them trooping to school. They are troopers and grew to be great kids with the help of Tom Thumb and its programs. I love all the work my kids brought home and will treasure it forever. Thank you for your help from the bottom of my heart. Tom Thumb was a school for me when I was younger and a school for my kids. The school will always be for us! Love A Family

Only comment is that all the teachers are terrific. So caring and really seem to love their jobs. I know my child is safe and loved while at Tom Thumb. I live the flexibility of being able to extend the day by incorporating the gymnastics classes right after school and that Tom Thumb transports them. Name withheld

To everyone at Tom Thumb, Thank you so much for all you have done all year for my son. He will have wonderful memories of his pre-school as well as fond memories of everyone there. Thank you so much. Sincerely,D. Family.

To Whom It May Concern Tom Thumb is the Best. I wish you had kindergarten (well spent money). My son has never been happier. Tom Thumb has made him a new person in a great way. Thank you. P. Family

My children have been a part of the Tom Thumb school for four years. Every year that passes, I am happier than the year before. The school, staff, and program are wonderful. I could not have chosen a better fit, my girls. L. Family

Dear Mrs. Brophy, Madame Gaspari and the WONDERFUL Thumbelina staff.

I can believe the year is coming to an end — where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was bringing Kyra and Rory to your door for the first time. Before the school year officially ends I wanted to take the time to write a special thank you to an AMAZING team of people that have made this year so successful for Kyra and Rory! Kyra and Rory have made such tremendous gains this year, it is truly incredible.

Ms. Michelle, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Maria and the wonderful Thumbelina staff have made such a positive impression on Kyra and Rory and will hold a special place in all of our hearts! For me the idea of leaving my 2 year olds was a bit nerve racking to say the least. However, it didn take long for my nerves to settle. Kyra and Rory teachers have been so nurturing and loving from day one. At this age I truly believe this is essential. Ms. Michelle, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Maria bonded with Kyra and Rory earning their trust and providing an environment where they felt safe and comfortable to learn and explore. Throughout the year they have been given many opportunities to explore developmentally appropriate activities that fostered growth in both fine and gross motor, social growth (sharing and cooperative play—not an easy task with 2 year olds) as well as both emotional and intellectual growth.

As the year progressed Kyra and Rory were presented with experiences that changed to meet their developmental needs and to get them ready for Tom Thumb next year. In additional to taking good care of my girls, the Thumbelina staff has been wonderful to me as a parent. Communication has always been consistent and informative, they have truly worked with me in a partnership to make sure that Kyra and Rory had a successful and happy year! I am thrilled with this team of wonderful women who we have had the pleasure of working with this year. They are an asset to the Thumbelina program and I truly believe that they are a rare combination of excellence.

Before coming to Thumbelina I looked over, under and in between to find a place that I would feel comfortable bringing my young daughters. I was a stay at home mom and I wouldn settle for anything but the best. Not one other place that I looked at comes even close to what we found here at Thumbelina. Furthermore, now that the year is almost over I can honestly say they not only met my expectations but exceeded them. This was Kyra and Rory first experience away from mommy and first school experience. It has been unbelievably wonderful. Kyra and Rory will be sad to leave Thumbelina, but are also very excited about going to Tom Thumb next year!

We all wish that their wonderful teachers could come with them as they have made quite an impression on us all! Words could never express my gratitude for all they have done for Kyra and Rory this year. I know that Ms. Michelle, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Maria and Ms. Carol hold a very special place in their hearts.

Sincerely, the C. Family.

Dear Mrs. Brophy, Madame Gaspari and Tom Thumb Staff,

I can believe the year is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday I was bringing Derrick and Jaden to Tom Thumb for the first time! Before the year is officially over I wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings as I reflect on the experiences that Derrick and Jaden have had at Tom Thumb. First of all I can say enough to everyone I meet (and now I am telling you) how confident I am that Derrick and Jaden are more than prepared for Kindergarten thanks to the numerous experiences they have had this year at Tom Thumb. I truly believe both as a parent and as an educator that your program is designed perfectly to meet the developmental needs of all the students you see.

Additionally, I believe you set high standards that encourage children to learn and grow while providing the care and support needed to attain them. My famous line to people I meet is Tom Thumb is AMAZING—-they get kids, they get it all!

Mrs. Brophy, I know that you work hard all year (and every year) to perfect this craft of educating the future, and I must say thank you and congratulations for this amazing program. This year has truly been a gift for both Derrick and Jaden. It is obvious that you and your staff care about what you are doing and recognize the importance of these early educational experiences. Every building must have a strong foundation and every plant, strong roots. It is much the same way with small children.

These preschool experiences shape who they are going forward. Derrick and Jaden have had so many wonderful experiences at Tom Thumb this year! They have had tremendous gains, not only intellectually, but socially and emotionally. Your program has fostered independence, encouraged excellence, and modeled sharing and cooperation amongst others. These are life skills that Derrick and Jaden will need for many years to come. I know that you have made a lasing impression in their lives, and for that I thank you!

While I firmly believe that a major part of the success your program is due to all the hands that go into the everyday routine (Nancy—director, teachers, assistants and support staff). Words cannot express how grateful we are to your staff for being so in tuned to our children needs.

Derrick and Jaden were seen as individuals (which believe it or not some people forget considering they are twins) and it didn takes you long to figure out what each of them needed. Staff has always gone the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and successful. Your program offers clear expectations, routines, consistency, and constant care! If this isn a recipe for success, I don know what is! You have fostered learning on so many levels while Derrick and Jaden both adore Madame Gaspari, you must know that Derrick will always have a special place in his heart for you.

Thank you! So I close this letter (finally) with words that seem too simple and short to express all my gratitude..THANK YOU!!! Mrs. Brophy, you run an incredible program with incredible people. We are lucky to have had the Tom Thumb experience and look forward to sending you Kyra and Rory.

Sincerely, The C. Family.

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