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Tom Thumb Philosophy
Educating the Next Great Generation of Americans is our most important task

Dedicated to the Next Great Generation of Americans

tom thumb preschool students

Tom Thumb performing a Holiday Show to the Parmount Hudson Valley Theater

Our philosophy is to make this world a better place. We help improve our society by changing the individual through education. Our preschool education can significantly change a child’s path of learning and school success.

At Tom Thumb, it’s okay to be you and to develop at your own pace. We respect the individual and his or her differences. Tom Thumb is committed to developing the individuals to their full potential.

It is the responsibility of this generation to pass on to the next, those things which it has found to be of value. We are dedicated to improving the next generation of great Americans. 

With our focus on early education and child development of the individual, maximum growth can only be achieved when our children have a good “self-image.” As children participate in a variety of well-planned activities, they can explore and be aware of their various potentials. We seek to discover children’s strengths so they achieve “success in school”.

Our time-tested preschool programs are centered around these premises and the concept that “Education must be vital, alive, seen, touched, and thoroughly explored.”


Tom Thumb field trip on Nov 26

Tom Thumb field trip on Nov 26

tom thumb students at an example of iroquois long house church

The best example of an Iroquois long house

tom thumb preschool student at field trip Indian church

Senior Preschool students visit a replica of a native American Longhouse


tom thumb students working on a project

tom thumb students working on a project

tom thumb preschool student in the classroom

A local author reads her book to our students

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