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Tom Thumb Preschool

Tom Thumb Campus

Our campus is designed to specifically meet the needs of young children.

Our Campus is One of the Largest and Most Equipped Facilities.

aerial view of the Tom Thumb Campus

Tom Thumb Campus was Designed by Nancy Brophy

tom thumb large playground

Our Large Playground

Nancy Brophy founded Tom Thumb Preschool in September 1968. Nancy planned the design of her preschool facilities and campus by observing and experiencing the many schools during her teaching career. Tom Thumb has been continually upgraded over the years with an emphasis on improving the learning environment. The first major redesign and construction was completed in September 1973. Ever since, Nancy has directed the continued improvements and tweaking of the Tom Thumb Campus.

tom thumb sports playground

Sports Playground

Since 1973, our outside fenced playgrounds, classrooms, stage area, gym, and library, were completely renovated in 1993. From 2010 through 2019, our most significant changes implemented were: a better learning atmosphere of our classrooms, improved building security, complete make-over of  4 playgrounds and the inclusion of our new ThumBelina classrooms.

Every year Nancy Brophy personally initiates and manages her key projects to improved the Tom Thumb Campus to:

  • Keep pace with our education programs
  • Enhance our fun and exciting learning atmosphere
  • Seek better appeal and interest of children, so students want to attend Tom Thumb
  • Create new learning spaces
  • Install new play equipment & learning tools
  • Ensure children’s health, safety and security
Thumbelina Facility designed for 2 year olds

ThumBelina is designed for 2 years olds

Thumbelina, our newest toddler program is design specifically for 2 year olds for their first school experience and was completed in 2010. Nancy completed a new state-of-the-art playground devoted to ThumBelina students in 2018.

Our Tom Thumb Facilities provide more enhanced space than is required for preschools, as stated by the New York State Department of Health and Safety. Each classroom contains a: library, block corner, large play area, housekeeping corner, sink, art area, and two toilets. Also, all Tom Thumb classrooms contain a deck house. Our classes are designed to provide a warm, safe, stimulating environment to learn and explore.

Our Campus is monitored by video cameras that provides surveillance of hallways, classrooms, doorways, and outside areas. A one-way mirror is installed in most classroom door for parents to view their children without disturbing the class. At all times, there is always a minimum of 2 staff members in each classroom.

Parents never need an appointment to observe their children at our school – they are always welcome. Visitors will need an appointment for security – same day visitor appointments are frequently available.



map of the tom thumb campus
tom thumb preschool students in the gym dancing
tom thumb students working on a project
ThumBelina School for 2 year olds

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