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Our Staff

A team of dedicated, talented and caring professionals who focus on each child’s needs

About Our Staff

Ttom thumb director talking with the french teacher The Tom Thumb staff is a hard-working team and extended family of more than 50 professionals. They consistently deliver an excellent early education that we have been praised by parents for more than five decades. Our dedicated staff energetically carries out Tom Thumb programs in a fun way to achieve our goals.

Tom Thumb believes teamwork is the fuel that allows us to attain uncommon results.

Tom Thumb’s staff has always strived to work as a team of educators to achieve the best results possible for our students. As the Director, I have been fortunate to have qualified staff who share my mission. There is an extraordinary joy working with such a supportive team of professionals.

tom thumb preschool staff

Some of our Staff

At Tom Thumb, All of us are nurturing and encouraging children to love to learn and to say, “I can do it.” At the end of each year, we are all very proud of the children’s growth and achievements. We are also thankful to our children for what they have taught us.

Tom Thumb’s staff is qualified and experienced above the norm of regular preschools. Some of our teachers have either a BS or MS degree with a range of teaching experience between 7 years to 35 years. Many of our assistant teachers are college graduates. Most of our staff’s children have graduated from Tom Thumb Preschool. All of the Tom Thumb staff continue to receive ongoing training in child development and preschool education each year. All of our seven specialists ( Physical  Education, Music, Drumming, French, Dance, Art, Science, etc.) excel in their areas of expertise.

With the assistance of my dedicated staff, we will endeavor to continue to educate and enrich the lives of our students with the same commitment and enthusiasm that has marked our first 50 years.

Nancy Brophy

 Tom Thumb Founder



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