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Summer Camp -- "Catch Us If You Can" is a fun filled  day camp to unwind with our enrichment program

playing with toysSummer Playtime with Clowns Catch Us If You Can Summer Camp is for children ages 3 1/2 through 9 years old. Our staff understands unstructured play is vital to intellectual and emotional growth. Children are playing the game of Life. Our enrichment oriented camp is a fun learning experience.

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Camp runs from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily.
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Before and After Camp Care
from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM is Available

Our Summer begin July 2nd through August 17th

We use "the power of play" to improve social and emotional skills. Our goal is inspire campers to "let everyone play".

Our Camp Program is Focused on Learning through Games and Play

Our Back PlaygroundOur camp programs are grade level oriented and developed and run by experienced teachers. We are more than just a day camp. We are a well-known and experienced school in Mohegan Lake for decades with great campus facilities and led by our acclaimed Director, Nancy Brophy.


We offer a superior camp with variety of activities that campers may choose which ones to participate in each day. Choosing their own activities will make it special, rewarding, exciting, and fun.


Our camp is modeled on our Tom Thumb's philosophy, vision and mission. Our camp is unsurpassed in the area because we are both a fun learning experience and summer day camp with excellent caring counselors.

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Call the Tom Thumb Office (914) 528-5600 or email Carol at to receive a copy of the Catch Us If You Can Brochure


Campers at the Tom Thumb Campus on a summer's day getting ready to leave for the day and waiting in a fenced in playground and supervised

Getting ready to leave summer camp for the day







Kids having fun









"Catch Us If You Can" Summer Camp offers:

  • An exceptional value at a reasonable price
  • Managed by teachers with individual child guidance
  • A wonderful play atmosphere
  • Kid tested facilities by over 9,000 children over 50 years
  • Safe environment, fenced in and video cameras
  • Diverse variety of toys and play equipmentscooter fun
  • Enrichment in Science, Art, Drumming, Music and Dance
  • Social skills development
  • Group and individual play
  • Memorable & fun camp experience

"Catch Us If You Can" Camp Program was Created by Nancy Brophy

Nancy Brophy cooling off the kids on a hot summer day on the Tom Thumb playground

Nancy Brohpy cool off the kids

Please note, Catch Us If You Can Summer Camp is a concept developed by Nancy Brophy, Director of Tom Thumb Preschool. Nancy has created a new program that's a blend of summer camp and enrichment program to achieve "a Fun Learning Experience". Her program uses "the power of play as the overarching mechanism to explore, discover and learn. It contains what you would expect from a summer camp and a lot more.

Make Summertime Count

Nancy makes summertime count by providing enrichment in science, arts, sports, and crafts ,as well as, an emphasis on social skill development. She believes camp can be an effective child development tool, because children are spending most of their time having fun and don't realize learning is happening.

Summertime is to Recharge and Unwind

Summertime is an important break from school and a change in mind-set to recharge and unwind, to forget about school and have fun with outdoor activities and play. Our Catch Us If You Can Summer Camp is designed to support this summertime mind-set.


Our camp focused on fun first with different age appropriate activities. These activities ranging from science, arts & crafts, stage performances, sing-a-longs, board games, sports, street games to just spending time for children to relax and hang around. Our new summer camp program is NOT a summer school, but a fun day-camp with an integrated planned agenda and provides enrichment in many different areas.

What's the difference between "Catch Us If You Can" and other camps?

The difference is our unique enrichment program and full equipped camp that uses of the extensive facilities of the Tom Thumb Campus. Our camp is brand new and is created to work with our large campus. Catch Us If You Can Summer Camp is an enrichment oriented camp that uses arts and crafts, games and recreational activities to foster the improvement of social and learning skills under the guidance of experienced teachers. Our camp is not just for preschooler but for children from 3 1/2 through 9 years old.

"Catch Us If You Can" Summer Program:Playground Wagon

  • Age Appropriate Activities
  • Fully Air Conditioned Building
  • Enrichment program
  • Theater & Stage for Performing Arts
  • Play Areas – Securely fenced
  • Grass area for sports and games
  • Two playgroundsTom Thumb Playground
  • Water Games
  • Blacktop area for ride-on toys
  • Sprinklers for fun
  • Water tables for water toys
  • Fishing pools
  • Shaded Sand Box House
  • Complete Rainy Day or Extremely Hot Days Program
  • Inside gym room – games & activities
  • New shade areas have been recently built
  • Arts and crafts and games, puzzles, indoor sports
  • 10 foot TV screen for educational and recreational videos

Catch Us If You Can

coloingr activitityGames and Activities

Age Appropriatetom thumb logo

check mark indoor activitiesRain or sunshine Shine

socker ballShuffle Board                        Hula Hoops
Jumping Rope to music            Tag
1-2-3 Red Light                     T-Ball
Dodge Ball                            Scooters
Basketball Shooting                Badminton
Arts & Crafts                         Relay Races
Checker Tournaments             Spelling Bees
Musical Chairs                       Ride--on Toys
Simon Sez                            Card Games galore
Volleyball                              Singing with a microphone

Time to just “relax and hang around”

playing checkers

tricycle  riding toyCampers will be grouped according to the age level and their abilities in each play area.