Selected June 2024 Tom Thumb Thank You Letters

The following are a few Thank-You letters received from parents for the 2023-2024 academic school year. We apologize for the many letters and thank-you notes from parents that we have received and couldn’t be published on our website.

Thank You All for your wonderful comments about our school. I especially appreciate your support and kind words for our excellent staff of caring professional educators, who continue to make Tom Thumb Preschool the best private pre-K school in the area.

Love & Appreciation,

Nancy Brophy

Letter to Tom Thumb

letter to tom thumbDear Tom Thumb,

This is a note from a grateful mom whose son, Ayan Nadeem, has thrived and blossomed during his time at Tom Thumb.

Ayan started his journey at Tom Thumb in the 3’s program with the wonderful Mrs. Licini and Mrs. Tracy who helped him tremendously and taught him a great deal. This was his first rodeo outside of home and we had our fair share of trials and tribulations. However, with the support of all the staff, teachers and Nancy Brophy, we were able to help Ayan grow while learning a great deal. This was a testing year for all of us but by the end of the year, Ayan was a confident preschooler who loved Tom Thumb, his teacher and peers. We were concerned if Ayan would be able to handle summer camp without the support of a teacher, but he had been prepared all year and he showed that he was ready to be on his own and enjoyed all the activities thoroughly.

Next came pre-k, which felt like a big step forward. This was the year Ayan showed tremendous progress and growth. Under the incredible and amazing Mrs. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Sansotta, Ayan thrived and became the independent little boy who always wanted to be the line leader. I can’t express enough gratitude that I have felt during the parent teacher meeting and generally about Ayan’s progress, both socially and academically. Ayan went from a shy boy who enjoyed playing alongside to leading play with his peers and enjoying every minute of it. The friendships that he has built with his classmates have been so joyful to watch. There has never been a doubt in my mind that Ayan is a bright and intelligent kid, but I want to give credit to his teachers in channeling that intelligence in ways that have helped him excel and exceed expectations not only academically, but also emotionally and socially. We were very lucky to have Mrs. Fritzgerald as his pre-K teacher who prepared him so well for kindergarten and the life ahead.

Also, I want to acknowledge the effort that was put into making many special memories with crafts/projects, holiday events, and the mini-Olympics (Ayan’s favorite memory at Tom Thumb). It was a lot of fun to watch the mini-Olympics show twice and each time was better than the last. I admire and applaud the curriculum and work that has been put into every single detail to put together such wonderful gestures and events that will be forever embedded in our memory of Ayan at Tom Thumb. It takes a team to run so smoothly so I commend you for working so well together.

And now, my favorite part of it all, the graduation ceremony! This was the most beautiful culmination of all that Ayan has achieved and accomplished. With many tears of joy, I was a proud mom who couldn’t believe her eyes. It is by far the best graduation ceremony I have ever attended. I was awestruck by the production and how well the kids performed. I had yet to see Ayan in action, singing and dancing, something he rarely does, especially in front of others. But this boy put on the best show for his family to date. He was so happy that day and we were all in very high spirits.

With all this, I want to say a big thank you for helping Ayan grow, thrive and become a wonderful version of himself. You have set a very strong and powerful foundation for him; one we will be forever grateful for and one that will serve him well for the years to come. His kindergarten screening couldn’t have gone any better, he was the line leader coming out of that screening so thank you for teaching him to fly!

A humble and grateful Mom,

Letter to Mrs. Brophy for the Tom Thumb’s Zachary Brophy Memorial Scholarship

Letter to Mrs. Brophy for the Tom Thumb's Zachary Brophy Memorial Scholarship
Tom Thumb Preschool 1949 E. Main Street Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

Dear Ms. (Brophy)

I am writing to express my gratitude for being selected as a recipient of Tom Thumb’s Zachary Brophy Memorial Scholarship. Receiving this very generous award means a lot to me and I am honored and extremely grateful for it.

This scholarship represents both financial support, and also confidence in my abilities and work ethic. The belief in my potential motivates me to work even harder to achieve my academic, athletic, and personal goals while pursuing my education degree at Suny Brockport. I am committed to being a positive role model for future generations. The scholarship that I have received will help me along the way.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and support!


Thomas C

Letter to Mrs. Brophy

thank you letter to mrs brophy for the last 3 years at tom thumb preschoolDear Mrs Brophy.

Words could never express how thankful and appreciative we are of you. For the past three years, we watched our daughter run into your school with a smile on her face and she was met with open arms and smiles from all of Tom Thumb’s teachers. Victoria has a passion for learning, friends, confidence, and so much more because of your passion for her and every student that walks through your doors. You are truly such an important part of all of our lives and our community. We are so proud to be a Tom Thumb family!

Thank God Audrey still has some years with you because we aren’t ready to leave!

Thank you again!


S Family

Letter to Tom Thumb’s Teacher, Miss Licini

thank you letter to tom thumb teacher, miss liciniDear Miss. Licini,
I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for everything you’ve done for my son and our family.
Your dedication, patience, and kindness have made this year truly special for Jax. He has grown and learned so much under your guidance, and it warms my heart to see how excited he is to go to school each day.

I am particularly thankful for the way you went above and beyond to support us during a challenging time. When we needed to take a break, your understanding and flexibility allowed my son to return to school seamlessly. Your willingness to accommodate our needs made a significant difference, and I am so grateful for your support.

The memories and experiences Jax has gained this year are invaluable, and I am so grateful for the positive impact you have had on his early education.

Thank you, Miss. Licini for your exceptional dedication and for making this year such a wonderful experience for my son. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had you as his teacher, and we will always remember your kindness and hard work.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Britt, Mike, Jax and Adrien L

Letter to Tom Thumb’s Teacher, Mrs. Fitzgerald

thank you letter to tom thumb teacher, mrs. fitzgeraldJune, 2014
Mrs. Fitzgerald-
Are you sure you can’t Come to kindergarten? While were all still not 100% sure. We’re 100% confident that Cameron is ready to transition to K all because of you. Cameron has grown so much in your class this year-thank for making him excited again about coming to school.

Everything from your expectations to your classroom environment has helped prepare Cameron for these next steps. He’s never talked about any teacher the way he speaks. about you, and we know he’ll miss you terribly (and us, too). His

Lincoln Titus, Kindergarten teacher, will have big shoes to fill. We wish you a wonderful summer and enjoy your Last year!

We hope to See you around town!
The F Family


Mrs. Fitzgerald,
Thank you so much for making Charlie’s last year at Tom Thumb has been a memorable experience. Your dedication, patience, + creativity have truly made a difference in his development + happiness. From the stories he eagerly shares with us to the Crafts + Songs he brings home, it’s evident how much he has grown over this final year at Tom Thumb.

Thank you for fostering a nurturing environment where he had the opportunity to thrive, learn, make friends + memories. Your passion for teaching shines through all of the work Charlie brings home + the knowledge he shares with us. We are so fortunate Charlie had you as his teacher.

With deepest appreciation,
The N family

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