Mom and Bela

Mom and Bela wearing masks

Hi Nancy

I hope this email finds you well and all the staff is doing well. We just want to thank you and your staff for all that you have done with Bella. She sees shapes and letters in everything she does. I take a bite into a sandwich and she says she sees the letter c, two bites and it looks like an m. We know Ms. Kowal, Ms. Mennen, and Ms. Papas had a lot to do with the girl she has grown into.

Bella has been keeping busy doing her letters, playing outside, doing puzzles, giving extra love to her sister, and zooming with her friends. You would be so proud.

bella planting seeds

Bella planting seeds

It is so unfortunate how this year ended but we are looking forward to a brighter beginning.

Please stay well.
See you soon!

D Family

Bella doing a puzzle with Grandpa

Bella doing a puzzle with Grandpa

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