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Dynamic Gymnastics Summer Programs Begins July 5

Dynamic Gymnastics Summer Programs Begins July 5

Dynamic Gymnastics Gym for the 2022 Summer Programs

Dynamic Gymnastics Summer Program is on the Tom Thumb Campus.

Summer Gymnastic Class starts as early as Tuesday, July 5th, and ends Thursday, August 18th.

The new 2022 Summer Program has classes that meet either 7 or 6 times for the summer. The classes available are for:

  • Terrific Two’s: for 2-year-old Boys and Girls meets only on Saturday.
  • Preschool: for Boys and Girls 3 through 5
  • Recreational: for Boys and Girls 5 through 14
  • Advance: for Girls
To learn more and find out about the tuition and schedule,  click on Dynamic Gymnastics 2022 Summer Programs
2022 Summer Camp Begins June 27

2022 Summer Camp Begins June 27

tom thumb summer camp playground

Tom Thumb’s largest playground is fully equipped and secure

Our Summer Camp is for ages 3 1/2 through 5th grade.


Tom Thumb’s Summer Camp is now open for enrollment.

Now’s the perfect time to register for our summer camp.


tom thumb "catch Us if you Can" summer camp - kids riding scooters

tom thumb “Catch Us if You Can” summer camp – kids riding scooters

We will return to our fast-paced summer lifestyle with the hustle and bustle of work, play, sports, play dates, running errands, and picking up and dropping off the kids with friends; time seems to just quickly to fly by. The last day of school is June 22, which means summer vacation is coming soon and fast. Then suddenly, you have 2 months of a long summer.

Don’t be caught at the last minute with a long summer ahead trying to fill your child’s summer schedule with an active fun-filled camp experience. Please note, there is a discount for your second child when both children attend our camp at the same time for $550 weekly for both children.

Yes, this is a perfect time to register your child at Tom Thumb’s Catch Us If You Can Summer Camp. Our new registration form is now available, just click on Camp Registration Form 2022, and is ready for you to download and print.

Register now for the 2022 Summer Camp at the Tom Thumb Campus

tom thumb summer camp

They don’t know when the bucket is ready to tip and empty the water!

Our new registration form has a simple check box, you choose the days you want your child to attend camp. Please note, you must sign-up for a minimum of 2 weeks with a minimum of 5 days per week. Many of our Tom Thumb Preschool parents enroll their child for the entire 7 weeks. Your kids will love it.

Complete the form and sign it and write a check for your tuition through July 29th must accompany the registration form. Finally, enclose the registration form and check into an envelope and mail it to the address that appears in the upper left of the form. It’s that easy to enroll at our “Catch Us If You Can” Summer Camp before it’s too late.

Then it’s done, your child is set for summer camp and you don’t have to worry about it.

Camp begins June 27th and the kids will have a wonderful fun-filled summer!


Sergeant Fitzgerald – 2001 Graduate

Sergeant Fitzgerald – 2001 Graduate

Meet Sergeant Brian Fitzgerald, a 2001 Tom Thumb Graduate

Currently, Brian is a sergeant in the United States Army stationed in Hawaii.

Brian attended  Tom Thumb Preschool from September 1999 through June June 2001
He enlisted in the US Army in January 2017 with a job (Military Occupation Specialist: 88M ) as a Motor Transport Operator.
Brian is not married and lives at the Scofield Barracks in Oahu, Hawaii.
He plans to make a career in the US Army and wants to stay for at least 20 years.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

brain fitzgerald at tom thumb preschool graduation

Brian Fitzgerald at the 2001 Tom Thumb Graduation

Briab fitzgerald as an adult

Brian Fitzgerald – US Army Sergeant


Where Are The Alumni?

Where Are The Alumni?

Tom Thumb Preschool has over 11,500 Alumni.

sayani Aggarwal Tom thumb Graduate

Sayani Aggarwal becomes the Lakeland High School 2021 Valedictorian.

We want to know what happened to the thousands of our students who have attended or graduated from our preschool in the past 50 years. We believe the Tom Thumb experience has helped develop the next generation of Great Americans that our community, country, and the world will continue to depend on to improve our society and solve future problems. We want to know more about our alumni.

We Are Looking for the Tom Thumb Alumni.

We are asking for help to reach out to our alumni community to get information about our previous students. The information we are looking for is as follows:

Thomas tom thumb graduate

Thomas, a Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate – Class of 2006 – attends Dartmouth University

  • Alumnus Name – we only use first name and last initial to refer to him or her, unless requested otherwise
  • Final Year at Tom Thumb – the year of graduation or last year attended our preschool
  • Pictures – of alumnus as a preschooler & adult
  • Region where the Alumnus Lives – location by City and State
  • Family Information – significant other’s name and the number of children
  • Highest Education Attained – High School, Trade School, Community College, 4-year College/University or Graduate School
  • Current Job – job title as a general description, for example: Self-employed or specific, for example, plumber
  • Any Words of Wisdom – share any words of wisdom about education

Please send the information we seek in an email to


Congresswoman Nan Hayworth shaking hands with Chris Monteferante

Congresswoman Nan Hayw nominated Chris (Tom Thumb Alumnus) to the nation’s service academies to receive his appointment to West Point.

Lakeland 2021 Valedictorian

Lakeland 2021 Valedictorian

Lakeland High School 2021 Valedictorian, Tom Thumb Graduate of 2008

“At Tom Thumb, we are all proud of Sayani Aggarwal for her achievements and the person she has become. It’s with warm affection I look back at the past. It seems almost like yesterday when Sayani was a little kid with a big smile in her cap and gown at her Tom Thumb Graduation in 2008. Now, she is a young woman with a wonderful future ahead.  Sayani is part of the Next Great Generation of Americans that will change this world.”, Nancy Brophy

image of press artical of tom thumb class of 2008 student, Sayani Aggarwal

GRADUATION SECTION — Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 8, 2021

GRADUATION SECTION — Special Supplement to Yorktown News – July 8, 2021


Lakeland High School


Valedictorian – Sayani Aggarwal


By Nick Trujillo Staff Writer


Under the scorching sun at Dutchess Stadium, Lakeland’s Sayani Aggarwal addressed her classmates, faculty, and parents, reflecting on the past four years and how the unique end to her high school career allowed her class to appreciate aspects of her school in ways they would not have.

“We had no choice but to cherish the moments we had in high school as we sat in our homes for days on end,” said the valedictorian. ‘As we figured out how to express emotions behind a mask, we cherished the times when we could clearly see a classmate’s smile across a room.”

When COVID-19 regulations started to lift, and Lakeland students could begin – to meet in person again, Aggarwal said that this added to the impact those moments would make on their high school memories.

“When we were given opportunities to gain back some sense of normalcy, we cherished these moments even more because we knew that these were the final chances we had to make lasting memories, even if they were not the memories that we planned to make as freshmen,” said the National Honor Society member.

Aggarwal thanked many people who have supported her throughout her life and through an unprecedented time in her life. She thanked her friends for bringing out the best in her on her darkest days. She thanked her teachers for their influence and guidance. She thanked the parents of the volunteer group, “Class of 2021 Let’s Get it Done!” for their work in celebrating Lakeland’s seniors. She thanked and expressed her gratitude to her parents for their unconditional love and support.

“We are walking away with a shared experience, an experience that will continue to connect us as we journey through the various chapters of our lives,” said Aggarwal. Our shared experience, our memories, will be the source behind each word written in the history of these times, and through those memories, we will be immortalized.”

Aggarwal had a weighted GPA of 101.73 and never earned less than an “A” in any subject, including in her lauded science research work. She is interested in pursuing the area of chemistry

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