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It’s always a challenge to find enough time in our busy schedules to devote to effective parenting. We all know effective parenting can help our children in school, as well as, in preparing for life’s journey. Many times we miss the opportunity to work with our kids to promote school readiness, create situations for parent involvement and perform more effective parenting by using simple and practical ways. It’s important to be able to work with our kids in these early years to clearly deliver those lessons that will help in their development in a fun and easy approach.

The attached newsletter, (see link below for the PDF file) is a new Tom Thumb resource to aid in this perspective. There will be a new issue available each month for all Tom Thumb Parents. It’s called the “Early Years — Working Together for a Great Start“. We encourage our parents to read this monthly newsletter and use it as a source of ideas for effective parenting.

To read this month’s issue of “Early Years — Working Together for a Great Start“. Click on Ideas-for-Parents-May-2014

Please give us your feedback about our new resource for Ideas for Parents, “Early Years — Working Together for a Great Start” and tell us if you find it useful.

As always, any new ideas for parents you may have are welcomed. At Tom Thumb,  we are  interested sharing those ideas that are of value.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Brophy


Early Years — Working Together for a Great Start Newsletters:

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