Parent’s 2012 Christmas Notes

Dear Tom Thumb,

I didn’t know how to say thank you during the holidays.  No cookies or gift cards could show my great appreciation for Tom Thumb.  I want to thank you for the great effort you made to allow our daughter to come to Tom Thumb.

Thank you for protecting her physical life with respect to her allergies but thank you also for protecting her emotionally – for tending to her heart & soul.  It takes time and effort you are not required to give to take care of the “whole” child.

Although it is a difficult and ugly topic I must bring up Sandy Hook.  It was tough to watch and I of course immediately thought of my daughter’s safety at TT.  I saw first hand your professionalism and strength upon our return to school.  I greatly appreciated Mrs. Brophy’s letter and effort to make security stronger during the break but I also noticed something equally as important that first day back – the TT staff welcomed the children back with big smiles and warm hellos.  No one let the children know that anything was different from the day they left despite the fact that the staff must have been full of emotion.  That honorable and selfless behavior starts at the top with Mrs. Brophy and works its way through to staff to Madame and Carol and the fabulous teachers.  You are all an amazing group.

One of the things tragedy teaches you is to “say it now”.  So I must say thank you to you all for being heroes to our children.   It appears that one of the bests security measure Sandy Hook had in place was a well trained staff who loved their students as if they were their own.

I know after having spent time with you this year that you all are the same type of heroes – people who would protect our children as if they were your own.  What more can a mother ask for?

So thank you for making Tom Thumb a safe and loving environment for our daughter (and D next year)!

Happy New Year, Peace be with you.  The O family.


Dear Mrs. Brophy and the Fantastic Staff at Tom Thumb,

This is our 3rd Holiday Season with Tom Thumb Preschool and you never fail to continue to impress us with your amazing program.  The addition of your Handwriting Without Tears and hands-on experiential math program have only made you wonderful program that much better!

Our children start each day in your early morning program and are met at the door by staff with big smiles, open arms and kind words.

My children are immersed in activities that are developmentally appropriate and fun!  They are learning so many valuable things that I know will make them more than prepared for Kindergarten.  In addition to the cognitive skills they are learning and mastering, our children are also learning so many life lessons that will be crucial to their development throughout their entire life.  Sharing, taking turns, communicating effectively, responsibility and problem solving are just a few of these important skills I am referring to.

My husband and I love that there are high expectations in a warm, nurturing and supportive environment.  We are thrilled that our daughters have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that fosters independence and encourages a “keep trying until you get it” attitude.  In the three years that my girls have been here they have grown cognitively, emotionally and socially.

Your communication with parents is unbelievable!  I always know exactly what the girls are up to each day.  Additionally, my husband and I are notified if the girls ever take even the slightest “spill on the playground”.  We know that the Tom Thumb staff takes its students safety very seriously and as parents we appreciate that more than you know.

Everywhere we go, our girls sing either the “Tom Thumb song” or the “Keep Your Hands to Yourself song” or the “Before You Speak, Raise Your Hand song”.  People love it and so do we.  They are having tons of fun singing and learning valuable lessons all at once.

When it comes to a Pre School Program, Tom Thumb just can’t be matched! Over 40 years have gone into perfecting a program that only seems to continually get better and better.  You have such an accurate and genuine understanding of the developmental needs and abilities of your students.

Words could never thank all of you enough for all you do each day.  I hope you realize how much we appreciate all that you do for our children and our family.  In light of recent events, we are all forced to really recognize and appreciate the people who give such amazing care to our children in our absence!  THANK YOU, hardly seems like enough.


Tom & Charis


Dear Nancy Brophy,

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our children.  You and your wonderful staff have such a positive impact on our daughter.  She loves coming to school and cries when she can’t.  My husband and I can’t thank you and everyone at Tom Thumb enough for giving our daughter this incredible foundation.  I see her making tremendous improvements weekly.  She enjoys learning and I credit this to your caring staff and the positive environment of the school.  Despite these recent and scary and heartbreaking events, I know she is safe and in good hands.  Thank you!

All our love this holiday season!

Tom, Jen & Grace


Tom Thumb Staff,

Thank you for all the love, education and friendship you have brought into my son’s life.  Knowing how much you care and love our little ones makes our day without them a little easier.  Happy Holidays!

The M. Family






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