screenshot of thank you card to tom thumb tearchersThese are just a few of the many thank you notes we have received after the TomThumb Preschool’s 2022 Spring semester. Thank you all for the accolades and positive feedback. Our entire staff appreciates your acknowledgments. Tom Thumb is a wonderful experience for students and staff. Our efforts from day one are to make learning fun.

The following are five thank you notes from both parents and staff.

thank you note from k-family to tom thumb preschoo

I am so sad that this will be our last year here at Tom Thumb. Lena will be at camp. We love you all!

Thank you and Stay Well!

Dear Mrs. Brophy, Mrs. Cancrot, and Mrs. Cappello,

Thank you so much for making this preschool experience wonderful since 2013. Evan, Alyssa and Lena learned so much and have so many memories of their time here. I am so appreciative of your dedication to these children. I am so grateful for your help through these years.

The K Family


thank you note from amanda to tom thumb preschoo

Dear Mrs. Brophy,

When we made the decision to send our daughter to your school (at just 2 1/2 years old) we were making the best possible decision, Your school has prepared Mila for the demands of full-day kindergarten calls for, but has helped to shape her into an inquisitive, social five-year-old. She is excited to learn and truly enjoys all of the excitement that Tom Thumb brings every day.

We cannot thank you enough for the gift your school has given us! We are so thankful our younger daughter is entering ThumBelina in September because we don’t have to say goodbye just yet!

We hope you have a wonderful summer.

Thank you so much!

Amanda, Marc, Milana & Elena


thank you note from jenna and jake to tom thumb preschoo

Mrs. Brophy,

Thanks for all you do! We are so fortunate that we have such an amazing place for our kids.

Have a Great Summer,

Jenna and soon Jake


thank you note from maria to tom thumb preschoo

Hello Nancy,

Just a quick note to thank you for including me in your special celebration. My time at Tom Thumb was definitely a highlight of my career.

Many Thanks,

Maria – Music Teacher


thank you note from rose to tom thumb preschool

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for making me a part of Tom Thumb family. My first full-time year with you was amazing and educational.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Here’s to 2022-2023.



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