thank you note praising tom thumb preschool

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Dear Nancy,

In 2016 we were building a new home in a new town. Going from place to place looking for the best place for my girls was (both) tedious and terrifying from the moment we met; I knew I had found a hove for my girls.

You and your staff are absolutely amazing, and Tom Thumb has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent.┬á You offer a school, an education, a safe place … but most importantly you offer fun, social skills and value.

My girls love Tom Thumb and there is no one who compares to Mrs. Brophy. You are their hero, which makes you mine as well!

Two weeks ago for Mother’s Day,┬á Emalee brought home a ring I had lost my wedding band. She had told you, and she said you promised to help.┬á That empathy and compassion is what makes a leader and teaches children to be a leader. We are forever grateful!

Have a fabulous summer!


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