christmas card to tom thumb
Dear Mrs Fitzgerald,

Thank you for all that you do! Kamryn loves school and shares new information that she learned each day when she gets home. You have made her preschool experience the best it could ever be and we are so grateful for that. Your “tough love” and affection balance out perfectly to help your students grow, learn and feel safe.

Thank you for the extra care each day that you give to Kamryn. Enjoy your holidays with family in Hawaii.


Kamryn & Family

christmas card to tom thumb

Dear Mrs. Brophy,

We hope you and your family have a lovely holiday! We can’t express our thanks for all that you do to make Tom Thumb such a special place! It brings my husband and I so much joy to see them learn and grow every day!

The S Family

christmas card to tom thumb
To Tom Thumb,

Without Emma’s Teachers (also her music teacher + coach), Emma would miss out having fun and learning to be with other children. But I also know that without great staff, Tom Thumb would only be half as good. So, I want to thank you everyone that works at Tom Thumb.

Happy Holidays

Barbara W
(Emma’s Grandma)

christmas card to tom thumb

Dear Nancy the Legend,

Thank you for all you do! You are a phenomenal woman!
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!

Love Always,

Marisa & Christian

christmas card to tom thumb

To All of the Tom Thumb Staff,

This is the season to thank you for all you do!

To say we love Tom Thumb would be an understatement. You have all been part of our journey for the last 4 years. We could not be happier with the care and education our kids got here.

Keep doing what you are doing!

Happy Holiday


The M Family – Tim, Amy, Jordan, Chase & Thomas

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