Dear Nancy and all of the Tom Thumb Staff,

I wanted to just take the time to say thank you so much for the wonderful summer you gave to our daughter Alejandra. Nancy, although we could not afford at the moment to take Ali out of her current daycare to move her to you for the fall, you were nice enough to allow her to come just for the summer to give her a change of pace.

Ali loved camp so much, and I was so impressed with the caliber of the counselors I met.

The fact that you were willing to reimburse us for the days my daughter stayed home with my inlaws who were visiting from Mexico was incredible. I know that this is unusual and we so appreciated it. So often (like in my line of work) people only ever take time out to complain or bring issues. I really wanted to take a moment to just say thank you for all you did.

We greatly look forward to moving both of our children over to you as soon as my youngest is old enough.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and have a nice school year.



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