Tom Thumb Preschool icon or logo“It’s always wonderful to hear about our Tom Thumb graduates. We never tire of the accolades from both parents and Lakeland Kindergarten teachers. But, it shouldn’t be a surprise.Tom Thumb Preschool is a private school since 1968. All our classes and activities are lead by experienced NYS accredited teachers. We provide the first formal schooling┬á for kids and make it a fun experience for a lifetime of learning.” Nancy Brophy


February 23, 2016 11:09 AM
Subject: Thank you!

Good Morning Mrs. Brophy,

This is a belated Thank You email for everything you did for my son Jason who graduated last year from Tom Thumb. My wife and I knew he was in great hands when we picked him up and dropped him off every day; but as we sit here nearly a year later watching him develop and grow in Kindergarten, we feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for what you and your team provided to Jason.

He’s doing great at Primrose, even scoring a 97 on his STAR exams. In fact, even his teachers have mentioned that they don’t feel their curriculum challenges him as much as it should…he breezes through it, so they will be coming up with new things for him to learn. From his confidence to his love of music, reading and math abilities, social interaction – all the foundations you and your team laid out, have given him a wonderful footing to build upon. He still talks about Tom Thumb with a great big smile and tells us how much he misses it.

A sincere thank you. You made a great difference in yet another young life!

Kindest Regards,
Jason’s Dad

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