Dear Mrs. Brophy and the INCREDIBLE staff at Tom Thumb/Thumbelina,

Last week I attended the 2nd and final Tom Thumb Graduation. The show was entertaining, impressive, emotional, and absolutely unforgettable. The kids demonstrated some of the invaluable skills they have learned at Tom Thumb, like taking turns, listening to directions, working together, speaking in front of a crowd, and having fun! It was an experience I will cherish always.

As I sit down to write this letter tonight, I can’t believe that 3 years have gone by so quickly. It is with bittersweet feelings that I write this letter as our last year at Tom Thumb swiftly comes to an end. I decided that I won’t say goodbye, instead I say thank you! We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the wonderful things your program and staff have done for Derrick, Jaden, Kyra, and Rory. As I think back over the last 3 years, it still amazes me that every time I think you have perfected this craft of teaching these small children, you go and change something to only make the Tom Thumb experience that much better. It is obvious that you are truly dedicated to the children and their well-being and development. You and your staff work so hard every day to provide the children with developmentally appropriate experiences that will not only prepare them academically but more importantly have given them the most valuable life skills. You’ve taught them to be kind and respectful, fostered independence, immersed them in a variety of social experiences that have helped them to learn the importance of communication, cooperation, and commitment to always try to do their best. (How does the song go “Mrs. Brophy tells us all to stand up very tall, be the best we can be….”

Parent communication at Tom Thumb is unmatched. Newsletters, parent conferences, and teacher communication always keep me well informed. My husband and I truly appreciate the effort to create a home-school partnership. I have no doubt that because of their experiences at Thumbelina and Tom Thumb Kyra and Rory are more than prepared for Kindergarten. They have experienced switching classes, following directions, and have mastered all the ins and outs of the “Tom Thumb Way”. This solid foundation for those critical early childhood skills has been practiced and internalized and Kyra and Rory will be better off for it.

Although Tom Thumb will not be part of our daily life come September, I know that Derrick, Jaden, Kyra, and Rory will always carry a piece of Tom Thumb/Thumbelina and all the wonderful staff who have touched their lives with them.  (They are already planning on visiting and Kyra even mentioned a possible playdate with Mrs. Brophy).

So I will keep my promise and not say goodbye. I will say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Words could never describe how grateful we are that all 4 of our children have had the Tom Thumb … the one and only Tom Thumb experience.


We would like to say “Thank You” and “Happy Summer” by providing the staff with a luncheon on Monday, June 17th, to be catered by Don Tommaso’s in Yorktown (P.S. — the owner of the Don Tommaso’s is Tommy Cuomo a Tom Thumb alumni).


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