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How Many are Tom Thumb Graduates?

How Many are Tom Thumb Graduates?

The answer is 13. Nancy Brophy and the Bride, Jessica Greene Stoke, are not Tom Thumb Graduates. All the others that appear in the larger picture below are Tom Thumbers that have graduated from 1990 through 1999.

tom thumbers at a wedding

From left to right: Raymond Stokes, Jon Wagner, Stefanes Marcopoulous, John Hagens, Christopher Hagens, Bridget Stokes, Alex DiMarco, Nicole DiMarco, Lucky McFadden, and Timothy Stokes. From the Bride, clockwise: Jessica Greene Stokes, Nancy Brophy, Lindsey Rutcofsky, Max Rutcofsky, and Jennifer Greene.

Timothy Stoke and Jessica Greene Stoke Wedding July 22, 2017

tom thumb graduate gets married

Nancy Brophy, Jessica Greene Stoke and Timothy Stokes

We salute Tom Thumbers everywhere as the Generation of Americans that will shape this world!

Cullen Malzo Hero

picture cullen malzo tom thumb graduate and hero of rescuing 2 girls

Cullen Malzo 2001 Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate

Cullen Malzo, Tom Thumb Graduate

Cullen Malzo, a 2001 graduate of Tom Thumb, is nothing short of a hero. After two teenage girls from Mahopac were involved in a car accident on Thursday, November 10, 2016, Cullen sprung into action. The accident left them trapped in their car, upside down in Lake Mahopac.

Cullen to the Rescue

Police said that 19-year-old Cullen Malzo was nearby when he heard the crash. He dialed 911 and ran to the scene. Without hesitation, Cullen ran into the murky water and quickly pulled the girls out of an open window. Thankfully, the girls only suffered minor injuries.

We Salute Cullen Our Local Hero

Cullen Malzo is just that kind of person; compassionate, confident and fearless. From a very young age, Cullen has exhibited these characteristics and his actions are nothing less than heroic. Our community is very proud of him. We all have such confidence and pride in our Next Generation of Great Americans, where Cullen Malzo is a remarkable example.

Tom Thumb Alumni in Olympics

Tom Thumb Alumni in Olympics

Meet Mohegan Lake’s Olympian, Melissa Gonzalez

Picture of Melissa-Gonzalez tom picture thumb preschool alumni in the Olympics

Previous Tom Thumb Preschool student is now in the Olympics

Melissa is Lakeland High School’s field hockey superstar. Melissa is going for the gold in Rio by competing as part of the USA Women’s Field Hockey team.┬á The challenge is to be the best in the world. Read the entire article by clicking on our Tom Thumb Olympian.

Thank you from Marty

Hi Nancy,

martyThank you so much for being a part of my farewell dinner, and for the card and gifts. It was a very special night for me.

I didn’t know your email address, but knew I could find Tom Thumb’s. I had fun looking at the photos on your website. It brought back memories of when my kids went there. Amazing that Ann Gaspari is still a part of the school. You do a great job year after year with the school and I wish you many more years of success.

You were always a fun partner at tennis too. I really like that you never give up and keep encouraging your partner too. I miss those afternoon games.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great 2016.


The Wizard of Oz at the Paramount In Peekskill

Dear Nancy,

Hope all is wonderful.

We wanted to share some exciting news with you.

Gabbie Sansone, (former Tom Thumber) has been cast in the feature role of Dorothy Gale in the Musical version of The Wizard of OZ for Jan 16 , 17 and 18th at the Paramount Hudson Valley in Peekskill NY.

Gabbie at 15 is the same age as Judy Garland when she played the movie role and as seen on Chanel 5 News the Authentic Yellow Brick Road is in Peekskill New York , right here in the Hudson Valley !!! Wizard of Oz Author L. Frank Baum attended Military school in the Hudson Valley and it is said the Area was the true Inspiration for the book.

Gabbie has been fortunate enough to land a few TV spots and to perform off-Broadway , also she did a European Tour over the summer all the while keeping her straight A grades.

As a Tom Thumb Alumni – We believe much of Gabbie early introduction of music along with creative play and study at Tom Thumb helped to give her the early foundation and confidence in performing.

We know whether she is destined for Broadway or the Boardroom Gabbie will always be a Tom Thumb Kid.

Hope to see you soon , Wishes for a bless Holiday!

Deborah and Gabbie Sansone

Where are the Tom Thumb Alumni?

Tom Thumb Preschool – 52 Years of Continuous Operation

Tom Thumb preschool learning center

Tom Thumb

If you attended Tom Thumb between 1968-1973, you received your education (and gym, dance, music) in a 2 classroom building on Route 6 that now accommodates a program for two-year-olds called THUMBELINA. Our oldest alumni are now turning 50 years old!


Tom Thumb moved to its new 4 classrooms (gym, dance, music room) in 1973-1993, with a large play area.

An addition was built in 1993 which offers students 6 classrooms, a small library, a grand stage for music and drumming, and a physical education room.  This addition includes 2 playgrounds, a grass ball field, a  blacktop area for ride toys, a huge sandbox, and fun with water play activities.


Nancy Brophy, founder and still director of Tom Thumb is honestly interested in her alumni’s whereabouts and what are their occupations.  Alumni parents are encouraged to sign up on this site and to keep Tom Thumb staff up to date on your children.  Yes. parents, we want you to BRAG about your children.  Don’t be shy.  Nancy and her staff will enjoy hearing any news you would care to share.


Nancy Brophy has directed the design of a new social media website to allow alumni to connect with other alumni and share memories and experiences of Tom Thumb; let us know what you are doing today. If you are a Tom Thumb alumni, please go to and register in our new website.

Please note, our Tom Thumb Preschool offers a 10% discount for all alumni children.  This is in appreciation to all our students that are now adults and still remain part of our extended family.

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