A Typical Summer Camp Rainy Day

What Can You Expect at “Catch Us If You Can” Summer Camp during a Rainy Day?

When it’s a rainy day at our summer camp, we still have activities and play inside our Tom Thumb Facilities. The children are able to choose from a variety of┬á fun activities. Campers can play together or by themselves or in combination. Our summer camp, “Catch Us If You Can“, is completely supervised and monitored by adults camp leaders and camp counselors. Our camp is a secure and safe place, where kids have fun and burn energy .

We send our campers home tired, so they will have a good night’s sleep and be ready for the next fun-filled-day of camp with more play. Whether it’s rain or shine, our campers have fun by running around, playing sports, playing games, playing with toys and/or doing arts and crafts. We believe child’s play is the work required for a healthy body and mind. Our Tom Thumb Facility is designed and built for children to play and have fun in a safe and secure environment.

We are “Catch Us If You Can” a terrific summer camp run by Nancy Brophy at Lake Mohegan, New York on the Tom Thumb Campus. Our camp is a day camp for kids from 4 years old to 5th grade. “Catch Us If You Can” is a quality fun camp to allow our camper to unwind for the summer. We offer a wonderful camp experience at a reasonable price.

Here’s what you can expect on a rainy day, our camper will use the same Tom Thumb Campus Facilities as seen in the videos below. Watch our video, see the kids energy being spent having fun.

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