Where are the Tom Thumb Alumni?

Where are the Tom Thumb Alumni?

Tom Thumb Preschool – 52 Years of Continuous Operation

Tom Thumb preschool learning center

Tom Thumb

If you attended Tom Thumb between 1968-1973, you received your education (and gym, dance, music) in our 2 classroom building on Route 6 that now accommodates our program for two-year-olds called ThumBelina. Our oldest alumni are now turning 50 years old!



Tom Thumb moved to its new 4 classrooms (gym, dance, music room) in 1973-1993, with a large play area.

An addition was built in 1993 which offers students 6 classrooms, a small library, a grand stage for music and drumming, and a physical education room.  This addition includes 2 playgrounds, a grass ball field, a  blacktop area for ride toys, a huge sandbox, and fun with water play activities.


Nancy Brophy, founder and still director of Tom Thumb is honestly interested in her alumni’s whereabouts and what are their occupations.  Alumni parents are encouraged to sign up on this site and to keep Tom Thumb staff up to date on your children.  Yes. parents, we want you to BRAG about your children.  Don’t be shy.  Nancy and her staff will enjoy hearing any news you would care to share.


If you’re a parent, relative, or the Tom Thumb alumni, we would like to hear from you by either emailing us at infor@tomthumbpreschool.com or writing a comment to this post.

Tom Thumb Preschool wants to celebrate your success as a Tom Thumb Graduate. This is in appreciation to all our students that are now adults and still remain part of our extended Tom Thumb Family.

Tom Thumber Goes to West Point

Tom Thumber Goes to West Point

Christopher Monteferante, Tom Thumb Graduate Receives Appointment to West Point.

Tom tTumber heads for West Point

Christopher Monteferante, Tom Thumb graduate, will attend West Point

Christopher Monteferante, Tom Thumb Alumni, has received an appointment to the United States Military Academy.In a ceremony on Friday, Feb. 3, 2012 Chris signed his commitment to attend West Point, where he will also play lacrosse for Army’s nationally-recognized program.

Chris is both a Scholar and Athlete

Scholastic Information

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth shaking hands with Chris Monteferante

Congresswoman Nan Hayw nominated Chris to the nation’s service academies to receive his appointment to West Point.

  • Senior Class Officer
  • National Honor Society Candidate
  • Honor Roll 9th, 10th and 11th Grades
  • High Honor Roll 12th Grade
  • Lakeland High School Scholar Athlete 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grades for both Soccer and Lacrosser


  • Basketball – 9th grade
  • Winter Track and Field – 10th and 11th grade
  • Varsity Soccer 9th – 12th grade two time captain 4-year starter
  • Varsity Lacrosse 9th through 12th grade and two time captain  3-year starter



  • College of Westchester Business Award
  • College of Westchester Computer Science Award
  • Lakeland High School Athletic Award
  • Circolo Da Vinci Award 2012
  • Carolyn Conroy School Spirit Award 2012
  • Vincent and Theresa Giglio Memorial Scholarship Award 2012
  • Kingsley Humanitarian Award 2012
  • SOAC Len Pisciotti Memorial Student Athlete Award 2012
  • Daniel E. Vize Memorial Award 2012


  • All League Soccer  2009, 2010
  • All League Lacrosse 2010, 2011
  • All League 4×400 Team Member 2010
  • All Section Honorable Mention Soccer 2010
  • All Section Lacrosse 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Journal News MVP 2012
  • All American – 2012

Christopher Monteferante graduated U.S. Military Academy at West Point in the Class of 2016 in Engineering.

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