Cullen Malzo Hero

Cullen Malzo Hero

picture cullen malzo tom thumb graduate and hero of rescuing 2 girls

Cullen Malzo 2001 Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate

Cullen Malzo, Tom Thumb Graduate

Cullen Malzo, a 2001 graduate of Tom Thumb, is nothing short of a hero. After two teenage girls from Mahopac were involved in a car accident on Thursday, November 10, 2016, Cullen sprung into action. The accident left them trapped in their car, upside down in Lake Mahopac.

Cullen to the Rescue

Police said that 19-year-old Cullen Malzo was nearby when he heard the crash. He dialed 911 and ran to the scene. Without hesitation, Cullen ran into the murky water and quickly pulled the girls out of an open window. Thankfully, the girls only suffered minor injuries.

We Salute Cullen Our Local Hero

Cullen Malzo is just that kind of person; compassionate, confident and fearless. From a very young age, Cullen has exhibited these characteristics and his actions are nothing less than heroic. Our community is very proud of him. We all have such confidence and pride in our Next Generation of Great Americans, where Cullen Malzo is a remarkable example.

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