Thank You Note from Kat

Thank You Note from Kat

Dear Mrs. Brophy,

Joseph and Jessica'ages 3 and 4

Joseph and Jessica ages 3 and 4

Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for teaching my kids music, to sing and dance and be creative. To enjoy science and learning. We talk about measurements, Joseph hears the drums in every song we hear, and we sing the Tom Thumb song all the time.

Thank you for sending the tuition check – it was unexpected, must have been very time consuming, and much needed for us financially. At a time when people are thinking about themselves, you thought of everyone else. Thank you.

Your letter was strong and motivating. It is posted by my desk. It gives me hope. Joseph and Jessica miss their friends, teachers, Mrs. Brophy, and everything Tom Thumb.

We hope you are healthy.

You are an inspiration. Thank you.


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