ThumBelina is our preschool program devoted to the very young. Our initial goal was to provide a Terrific Twos Program with the quality worthy of Tom Thumb. This program has resulted in the easy transition of children to our Tom Thumb Junior Program. We are proud to say we have exceeded our initial goals and expectations.

Toddlers learn very quickly and are beginning to develop language skills. Finding the right words to express themselves can be frustrating at times. Language becomes a necessity to communicate their wants. As toddlers play and react with other children, they communicate their needs. We feel this is an important stage in a child’s development.

tom thumb logoWe are expanding our ThumBelina toddler program to accept children as young as 18 months. They will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Our program is about play and social interaction with other children. Our staff’s attention and guidance will help children focus on our planned activities, such as body movement, motor skills, dexterity and of course, toilet training. This means children as young as 18 months will be able to start their journey of learning as a fun experience even earlier.

Please mention the new age of 18 months for ThumBelina to your friends and relatives. We are ready for the September 2014 enrollment for ThumBelina. To get and print the registration form click on ThumBelina Registration Form and of course, you are welcome to call and make an appointment to see our facilities.

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