Tom Thumb Students with Sergeant Brian Fitzgerald

Tom Thumb Students with Sergeant Brian Fitzgerald

Sergeant Brian Fitzgerald attended Tom Thumb Preschool from September 1999 through June June 2001
He enlisted in the US Army in January 2017 with a job (Military Occupation Specialist: 88M ) as a Motor Transport Operator.
Brian is unmarried and lives at the Scofield Barracks in Oahu, Hawaii.

class picture of tom thumb students with Sergeant Brian Fitzgerald, a 2001 Tom Thumb Graduate

Tom Thumb Students with Sergeant Brian Fitzgerald, a 2001 Tom Thumb Graduate

Where Are The Alumni?

Where Are The Alumni?

Tom Thumb Preschool has over 11,500 Alumni.

sayani Aggarwal Tom thumb Graduate

Sayani Aggarwal becomes the Lakeland High School 2021 Valedictorian.

We want to know what happened to the thousands of our students who have attended or graduated from our preschool in the past 50 years. We believe the Tom Thumb experience has helped develop the next generation of Great Americans that our community, country, and the world will continue to depend on to improve our society and solve future problems. We want to know more about our alums.

We Are Looking for the Tom Thumb Alumni.

We are asking for help to reach out to our alumni community to get information about our previous students. The information we are looking for is as follows:

Thomas tom thumb graduate

Thomas, a Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate – Class of 2006 – attends Dartmouth University

  • Alumnus Name – we only use first name and last initial to refer to him or her, unless requested otherwise
  • Final Year at Tom Thumb – the year of graduation or last year attended our preschool
  • Pictures – of alumnus as a preschooler & adult
  • Region where the Alumnus Lives – location by City and State
  • Family Information – significant other’s name and the number of children
  • Highest Education Attained – High School, Trade School, Community College, 4-year College/University or Graduate School
  • Current Job – job title as a general description, for example: Self-employed or specific, for example, plumber
  • Any Words of Wisdom – share any words of wisdom about education

Please send the information we seek in an email to


Congresswoman Nan Hayworth shaking hands with Chris Monteferante

Congresswoman Nan Hayw nominated Chris (Tom Thumb Alumnus) to the nation’s service academies to receive his appointment to West Point.

Over time, we are building an alumni webpage with our previous Tom Thumb students by those who respond to this post.

To view our alumni webpage, click on Tom Thumb Alumni.

Tom Thumb Graduate

David Receives his Sheepskin

Tom Thumb Graduate with his 2 sisters and Mrs. Brophy pose for a quick picture. David proudly holds his official Tom Thumb Diploma for successfully completing our 2 year program at Tom Thumb Preschool.

This diploma is his very first educational certificate. He is destined to receive many more official documents, through grade school, middle school, high school, college and beyond. We celebrate David’s beginning steps along in his educational journey and being part of the ranks of the Next Great Generation of Americans. David’s two sisters are also Tom Thumb graduates.

Tom Thumb graduate from preschool with his 2 sisters, also graduates

He finally made it. What a happy day to have a certificate that admits you in the same league as your older sisters.

6 LHS Senior Receive Honors — All are Tom Thumb Alumni

Calling to All Tom Thumb Alumni — We are requesting an update!

Tom Thumb has been operating for over 44 years. We have over 7,000 preschool graduates and students that attended Tom Thumb.

We are organizing a Tom Thumb Alumni Forum and would like to hear from previous Tom Thumb students. We have been asking prior students to send us an email with subject Tom Thumb Alumni to . What’s happening in your Life? We want to know the good part of the educational and life journey after Tom Thumb. Please share with the Tom Thumb Alumni Community a quick update about yourself and your experiences. Thank you.

Lisa Fitzgerald sent an email, submitted on June 7, 2012 the following:

6 LHS senior receive honors in 2011

Six LHS Seniors at the National Honor Society Ceremony in October
2011. They all met at Tom Thumb and have remained friends ever since! They are Erin Maurno, Erin Geoghegan, Sydney Bizovi. Joey Dizon, John Winton and Meghan McGowan (Valedictorian).

John and Alexis receiving the Tom Thum Wig-n-Whiskers Award at LHS

John Winton and Alexis Davis receiving the Tom Thumb Wig-n-Whiskers
Award at LHS, June 2012. Both are seniors and Tom Thumb Alumni.

2 Tom Thumb Alumni, Michael and Nicholas Write Letters

On June 24, we received two letters from Tom Thumb Alumni. The boys, Michael A. and Nicholas R. are 10 years old and have been friends ever since they attended Tom Thumb. Apparently both Michael and Nicholas wrote their letters on the same day and mailed them to Mrs. Brophy.

It’s very extraordinary to receive 2 letters from boys that refer to each other and remember the Tom Thumb Preschool experience. From the very beginning of the Tom Thumb Preschool, our goals have included make learning fun and social development. These 2 letters strong support our success and continued endeavor to improve the individual. These letters are sincere testimonials from our true and most important customers, the students. The following are letters as written by the boys:

Dear Mrs. Brophy
I’m 10 years old and going into the 5th grade! I remember when my friend, Nick R. and I graduated from our 2nd year of preschool. Nick and I also played the drums in the graduation ceremony. That was so fun! I also remember after the graduation ceremony. We had an AWESOME pool party with ice cream. The best part was the Mini Olympics! I won 1st place. I also want to thank Ms Greene and Ms. Madame for teaching us!
Michael A.

Dear Mrs. Brophy
I’m 10 years old and I’m in the 4th grade. I remember when Michael A. and I graduated from preschool. Michael and I played the drums. I remember when Michael and I went to the pool party, having ice cream and the Mini Olympics! I won 1st place. Thank Mrs. Madame for teaching me.
Nicholas R.

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