6 LHS Senior Receive Honors — All are Tom Thumb Alumni

Calling to All Tom Thumb Alumni — We are requesting an update!

Tom Thumb has been operating for over 44 years. We have over 7,000 preschool graduates and students that attended Tom Thumb.

We are organizing a Tom Thumb Alumni Forum and would like to hear from previous Tom Thumb students. We have been asking prior students to send us an email with subject Tom Thumb Alumni to atm@creativewebactions.com . What’s happening in your Life? We want to know the good part of the educational and life journey after Tom Thumb. Please share with the Tom Thumb Alumni Community a quick update about yourself and your experiences. Thank you.

Lisa Fitzgerald sent an email, submitted on June 7, 2012 the following:

6 LHS senior receive honors in 2011

Six LHS Seniors at the National Honor Society Ceremony in October
2011. They all met at Tom Thumb and have remained friends ever since! They are Erin Maurno, Erin Geoghegan, Sydney Bizovi. Joey Dizon, John Winton and Meghan McGowan (Valedictorian).

John and Alexis receiving the Tom Thum Wig-n-Whiskers Award at LHS

John Winton and Alexis Davis receiving the Tom Thumb Wig-n-Whiskers
Award at LHS, June 2012. Both are seniors and Tom Thumb Alumni.

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