Tom Thumb Alumni Thank You Note

Tom Thumb Alumni Thank You Note

thank you note

Tom Thumb Alumni Thank You Note from the Lena Family

 A Tom Thumb First

We receive many thank you notes from parents about the value of Tom Thumb and the terrific results of our program. We always appreciate the feedback and your praises.  We try to publish a few of these thank you notes when we manage to get them to our webmaster.

The above note is from a Tom Thumb Alumni, Mrs. Lena, thanking Mrs. Brophy for a wonderful school. It’s always a pleasure to hear from parents that are Tom Thumb Alumni. We believe they have a deeper understanding of our programs and our approach to child development because they went through it.

The above note is from a Tom Thumb Alumni that in itself is really nothing out of the ordinary. We have a number of alumni that have enrolled their children in Tom Thumb over the years. These kids are the second generation of Tom Thumbers. These parents have sent us thank-you notes in the past. We are grateful for the positive feedback and their recommendations and suggestions. In fact, as our thank-you to the alumni, if either parent was a Tom Thumb graduate, they receive a 10% tuition discount. We are honored to have these second-generation students, where one of the parents was a Tom Thumb student.

A bit more of a rarity and a special case is the few students that are the third generation Tom Thumbers. This is a situation where one of the grandparents and either the Mother or Father attended Tom Thumb. They have also thanked us. All of us at Tom Thumb are very thankful and also honored to have these third-generation students attend Tom Thumb.

But, the above Lena Family thank-you-note is a first. This is a thank you note, where both Mother and Father attended Tom Thumb — an extremely rare occurrence of  Tom Thumb students being married, having children, living in the area and their kid or kids attending Tom Thumb. What are the chances of something like this happen in the Lakeland School District?  If you know of any other families, where both parents are Tom Thumbers and they have a child attending Tom Thumb, please let me know by completing a comment for this blog article.

I guess the most improbable situation is where a third-generation Tom Thumber that has either grandparent or parents that the husband and wife are both Tom Thumb graduates.

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