Isabella’s 3 Years at Tom Thumb

Isabella’s 3 Years at Tom Thumb

Margaret’s email to Nancy Brophy

Hi Mrs. Brophy

I hope this finds everyone well.  I have been struggling with the right words to express what Isabella’s three years with you and your teachers have meant to us, especially to her.  Last night gave me the right words.  Around 9:15, she came downstairs to find us watching 100,000 Pyramid.  I decided to let her stay to watch a few minutes before bringing her back up.  I explained the game to her and decided to try to play with her.  In true 4-year-old fashion, she wanted to go first.  This is how the conversation went.

Isabella: I want to go first.  Soap, a tree, a dinosaur
Mommy: Things in Isabella’s head
(we laugh)
Mommy: Now it’s my turn.  A circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle…Things that are ______ ( I was expecting her to say shape)
Isabella: Symmetrical

My husband and I were floored by her response.  This is a true testament to what all of your teachers have done for her.  Isabella is truly prepared for her next chapter.  If she could take Mrs. Cichetti in her pocket to Kindergarten, she would.   Thank you again for all that you have done for our girl.  You got one more coming!

Have a great summer.  We will see you at camp.

The D Family

2020 Lakeland Education Foundation Honorees

2020 Lakeland Education Foundation Honorees

Lakeland Education FoundationGala Casino Night
When: Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 7 pm to midnight
Where: Viiia Barone 466 Route 6 Mahopac, NY
How to Attend: Click on Gala Casino Night RSVP Card

The Lakeland Education Foundation Announces 2019-2020 Honorees Community Member and Three Educators to be Honored at March 14 Dinner Dance

The Lakeland Education Foundation (LEF) will honor three district staff members and a community member at its annual Casino Night, Silent Auction, and Dinner Dance to be held at the Villa Barone in Mahopac on Saturday, March 14, 2019.

gala casino night honorees
Three outstanding supporters of the LEF and the students of the Lakeland Central School District are this year’s honorees: Lakeland High School Principal Christopher Cummings, Lakeland High School Social Studies Teacher Maureen   O’Donnell, and Superintendent Dr. George Stone. Also being honored is Nancy Brophy, director, and owner of Tom Thumb Preschool.

nancy brophy director of tom thumb preschool“I am honored that people in my profession have chosen Tom Thumb and me to be recognized at Lakeland Education Foundation’s annual event,” offered Nancy Brophy. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I will share this honor with my teacher and staff, past and present. They have made Tom Thumb what it is today,”she added.

“I wish to express my fondest gratitude to the Lakeland Education Foundation for enriching “All Things Lakeland” over my ten years here, and many years prior,” said Dr. Stone. “It has been my distinct honor to serve the Foundation as part of the Unfunded Mandate Band who was able to give as well as receive so many blessings through LEF’s generous support. I wish the Lakeland Education Foundation continued success as they fulfill their mission to enrich and enhance the lives of Lakeland students, staff and schools.” Dr. Stone is retiring after in June 2020.

“I am extremely honored to be recognized by the Lakeland Education Foundation. The LEF dedicates so much time and effort into supporting the educational experiences of our students by providing our teachers with opportunities to enrich their students’ classroom experience,” said Christopher Cummings.  “The work of the LEF supports and in many ways mirrors the work we do each and every day in our buildings. Working alongside the LEF helps continue the partnership which brings the school and community together to support our students and makes our district special,” added Cummings.

“So much about education is the support the community gives the teachers and the support the teachers offer to the community,” said Maureen O’Connell. “When you have that relationship between a community and its education system, it ensures the success of generations of people. Working at Lakeland for 25 years I’ve seen and experienced the support and success of this community,” she continued. “The LEF is an integral part of the community and Lakeland Central Schools. I am humbled to be honored by them,” she concluded.

Created in 1994, the Foundation has awarded more than $1 million to benefit the district’s students through the annual LEF grant program.

The Lakeland Education Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for the students and staff of Lakeland to expand learning opportunities, to maximize the potential of each student, and to augment the fine work that is already underway in the Lakeland Schools.

“The Lakeland Education Foundation has been working hard for the past 24 years to enhance the educational experience for all Lakeland students,” said Diane Kness, LEF President.

The money raised at the evening’s activity will be used to help fund the Foundation’s grant program. For more information or to sign up to attend the event, go to

Class of 2018 – Jake’s Graduation

Class of 2018 – Jake’s Graduation

Jakejake's graduation at Tom Thumb Preschool class of 2018‘s First Milestone of Educational Success

Cheers to Jake for a job well done.

At Tom Thumb, our entire staff is proud and gratified to have worked with each student of the Class of 2018 to participate and encourage their social growth and educational development of lifetime skills. Tom Thumb provides education as a fun, interactive experience that’s vital, alive, seen, touched, and thoroughly explored by our students.

As our Tom Thumb Graduates go forth into the world to achieve lots of successes in school and their chosen career, the love of learning we have instilled will aid them as an intrinsic strength and never leave them.

Please join me in congratulating the Tom Thumb Class of 2018!

We will miss you.


jake's graduation at tom thumb preschool class of 2018jake's graduation getting the diploma at tom thumb preschool class of 2018

Meet Thomas a Tom Thumb Graduate – College Bound

Meet Thomas a Tom Thumb Graduate – College Bound

Tom Thumb Graduate College Bound

“Thank you, Nancy, for his preschool foundation. You are always in our thoughts and hearts. Thomas is now in his senior year of high school. He is getting ready to attend Dartmouth University in August 2019.” paraphrased from information provided by Thomas’ Mother.


Thomas in the Past, Present, and Striving for the Future


Thomas tom thumb graduate

Thomas a Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate – Class of 2006

thomas a tom thumb graduate

Brother, Mom & Thomas

thomas tom thumb graduate today

Thomas ready for college life, 2019

Please Join Us in Congratulating Thomas and Wishing him Continued Success in Making his Dreams Real!

How Many are Tom Thumb Graduates?

How Many are Tom Thumb Graduates?

The answer is 13. Nancy Brophy and the Bride, Jessica Greene Stoke, are not Tom Thumb Graduates. All the others that appear in the larger picture below are Tom Thumbers that have graduated from 1990 through 1999.

tom thumbers at a wedding

From left to right: Raymond Stokes, Jon Wagner, Stefanes Marcopoulous, John Hagens, Christopher Hagens, Bridget Stokes, Alex DiMarco, Nicole DiMarco, Lucky McFadden, and Timothy Stokes. From the Bride, clockwise: Jessica Greene Stokes, Nancy Brophy, Lindsey Rutcofsky, Max Rutcofsky, and Jennifer Greene.

Timothy Stoke and Jessica Greene Stoke Wedding July 22, 2017

tom thumb graduate gets married

Nancy Brophy, Jessica Greene Stoke and Timothy Stokes

We salute Tom Thumbers everywhere as the Generation of Americans that will shape this world!

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