The Most Advance Playground Facilities in the Area

The Most Advance Playground Facilities in the Area

Tom Thumb Campus has the State-of-the-Art of Playgrounds in our Local Area

Our playgrounds are the most advanced play facilities in our local area. Tom Thumb Campus playgrounds are exclusively for our ThumBelina and Tom Thumb students and Lakeland Elementary School Students who attend our Stay and Play Program. Our Tom Thumb Campus playgrounds are also for kids who attend our summer day camp, Catch Us If You Can. Our playground facility is designed and implemented for age-appropriate play and with safety in mind. Our staff always supervises kids that play in our playgrounds.

At the Tom Thumb Camp, we take your child’s security seriously. We developed our security policy, emergency procedures and processes after consulting with an experienced national security expert and our local Police and Fire Department. The Tom Thumb Campus has video cameras both inside the building and on the playgrounds.

Our playgrounds are accessible only by going through our building and are fenced-in and secure from the outside. Visitors are only allowed to our playgrounds when properly validated by the front office as authorized and are always escorted while on the premises. Pickup of any child will be granted only if the requesting person is on the authorized list by the parent and has the correct release code by the parent. It may also require a phone call to the parent for double approval.

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ThumBelina Playground

Tom Thumb Ball Field Playground

Tom Thumb Main Playground

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