Stay & Play Includes Optional Gymnastics Classes

Stay & Play Includes Optional Gymnastics Classes

Many years ago, we introduced gymnastics classes in our after-school program. Since then, it has been a regular option that parents have expected and requested.

This option provides a terrific value to parents by delivering fully supervised and quality gymnastics classes to our after-school children. With our extraordinary after-school gymnastics, children receive physical activities, skill development, and professional gymnastics coaching each week without the hassles of arranging transportation, scheduling appointments, or any effort by the parent. Tom Thumb’s Stay & Play Program handles everything.

Our Stay & Play Program offers more benefits than any other after-school program in the area.  We provide optional gymnastics classes as an integral part of the program. This means parents can easily choose to have their children participate in age-appropriate gymnastics classes with professional gymnastics coaches:

  • This option provides fun-filled energy-burning activities and  learning gymnastics
  • We make it extremely easy for parents to include gymnastics as part of a child’s after-school-schedule
  • Lakeland School District students are eligible for bus drop-off for our after-school program with this optional gymnastics.
  • Parents may choose from 1 to 3 gymnastics classes per week.


Those Stay & Play students attending these gymnastics classes are escorted along a 50-foot adjacent pathway to the Dynamic Gymnastic building by our staff within the Tom Thumb Campus. Students will receive an initial assessment, personally agreed improvement plan, goals, and supervised workouts by Dynamic Gymnastics Coaches. Students will have appropriate use of all Dynamic Gymnastics’ equipment and facilities as designated and supervised by the coaches. After the gymnastics class, our staff escorted the students back to Stay & Play.

Stay & Play provides a fun and secure environment with healthy snacks, a homework table, fully equipped playgrounds, an indoor gym, games, music, and dance. We also offer optional gymnastic classes for our Stay & Play students. Pickup by parents is as late as 5:30 PM.

Please call our office at (941) 528-5600 for further details and how your child can enjoy a convenient and fun after-school program at a very reasonable price.

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