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Dynamic Gymnastics Summer Programs Begins July 5

Dynamic Gymnastics Summer Programs Begins July 5

Dynamic Gymnastics Gym for the 2022 Summer Programs

Dynamic Gymnastics Summer Program is on the Tom Thumb Campus.

Summer Gymnastic Class starts as early as Tuesday, July 5th, and ends Thursday, August 18th.

The new 2022 Summer Program has classes that meet either 7 or 6 times for the summer. The classes available are for:

  • Terrific Two’s: for 2-year-old Boys and Girls meets only on Saturday.
  • Preschool: for Boys and Girls 3 through 5
  • Recreational: for Boys and Girls 5 through 14
  • Advance: for Girls
To learn more and find out about the tuition and schedule,  click on Dynamic Gymnastics 2022 Summer Programs
Response to Tom Thumb’s Thanksgiving

Response to Tom Thumb’s Thanksgiving

Good morning!

Thank you so much for sending home the picture from your unit of the Native American Indians. Grace was very excited and proud to tell us all about the things she learned each day during this unit. I’ve never heard her talk so much about the projects she did and offered so much detail!

She was excited to show everyone: her rain stick, her hat with feathers, play “hunting deer” with Daddy. She literally jumped for joy as she told us about the feast with all the food she tried! My heart was so full watching her excitement for learning.

Thank you for all you do each and every day. We are grateful for her teachers! And Tom Thumb!
The G Family

Thank you note from parent
Tom Thumb Preschool Activities in Yorktown, NY
tom thumb student playing a role as a pligrim or indian
tom tumber dress-up for the day of Thanksgiving
Tom Thumb students learn about Thanksgiving

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