Graduation Songs for 2020 Seniors

Graduation Songs for 2020 Seniors

For those Senior Graduating in 2020, please practice the Graduation Songs.


Click on the link below for each song that will be sung at graduation:

  1. Tom Thumb/Kids Come
  2. Cooperation &. School Rules
  3. Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands*** After this song, you will be advised to put on your child’s cap and gown***
  4. We Will Not Quit (We Will Never Give Up)
  5. Friends Forever
  6. This Little Light of Mine


Class of 2018 – Jake’s Graduation

Class of 2018 – Jake’s Graduation

Jakejake's graduation at Tom Thumb Preschool class of 2018‘s First Milestone of Educational Success

Cheers to Jake for a job well done.

At Tom Thumb, our entire staff is proud and gratified to have worked with each student of the Class of 2018 to participate and encourage their social growth and educational development of lifetime skills. Tom Thumb provides education as a fun, interactive experience that’s vital, alive, seen, touched, and thoroughly explored by our students.

As our Tom Thumb Graduates go forth into the world to achieve lots of successes in school and their chosen career, the love of learning we have instilled will aid them as an intrinsic strength and never leave them.

Please join me in congratulating the Tom Thumb Class of 2018!

We will miss you.


jake's graduation at tom thumb preschool class of 2018jake's graduation getting the diploma at tom thumb preschool class of 2018

50th Annual Spring Musical Show & Graduation Ceremony

Tom Thumb Preschool iconTom Thumb Preschool 2018 Graduation


Graduation Dates for Classes that Meet Monday-Wednesday-Friday

Mrs. Gaspari MWF Room 6┬á – Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mrs. Cichetti MWF Room 3 – Monday, May 21, 2018

Mrs. Fitzgerald WMF Room 5 – Friday, May 18, 2018

Mrs. Mula MWF Room 7 Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Graduation Dates for Classes that Meet Tuesday-Thursday

Thursday – May 24

Graduation Dates

Graduation Dates —-Room 6 -(Madame Gaspari)-Monday, May 22 Room 7 –(Mrs. Benischek-3am class & Mrs. Palansky-2 Day children) –Wednesday, May 24

Room 5 (Mrs. Fitzgerald’s-3 am class & Mrs. Cichetti’s 2 Day Children) Room 3 –Mrs. Cichetti’s-3 am class & Mrs. Mula’s 2 Day Children –Friday, June 2

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