Thank You Note from Cheryl H.

thank younoter to tom thumb addressed to Ms Brophy

Thank you note from Cheryl H. for the changes in her son that blew their minds

Ms. Brophy,

I am very sure you get many of these letters but I needed to tell you once more.

I am so impressed, everyday, with what you have done with that school, and how it affects the lives of our children.

I transferred Nate from another preschool for his last year because of all of the rumors, referrals and many compliments regarding you and how you run your school.

My once shy, attached to mom, kid now doesn’t even kiss me goodbye.┬á He walks proudly with confidence each day down “kids way”. My husband and I did not think it was possible because our Nate wasn’t just shy – he was painfully shy.

Yesterday blew our minds. We were confident Nate was going to shy away or freeze but it was just the opposite. I don’t think you truly realize the impact you have had on him and our family. I want to thank you with my whole heart for this amazing gift of confidence you have given him.┬á I will forever appreciate you!!!

I should have listened to my mother-in-law when she begged me to send my kids there from the beginning. My husband and his siblings were all students of TT.

But I believe God wanted TT to be just Nate’s. Being 15 months apart from his big brother they share everything BUT TT. This is his and it will be a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life because you gave my son a smile I’ve never seen – and for that THANK YOU!!!

With all of my appreciation,

Cheryl H.



Thank you note from Patricia A.

Dear Mrs. Brophy,

I couldn’t help but think of Tom Thumb and you yesterday as Charlotte finished her last official day of high school.┬á I was just remembering the banner at preschool graduation which said Class of 2016 — it sounded so far away.

Happy, happy birthday! I hope it is still a big day of celebration at Tom Thumb.

A Thank You from Roberta

A Thank You from Roberta

Ms. Brophy,

We met each other about one month ago when visiting your school for my son, Cayden. He has just started to attend ThumBelina this week and seems very excited. My husband and I have noticed already some improvements that one day of school has made. I asked him, “What did you learn at school today?” and he said, “I learn sharing.”

Thank you for taking me on a tour that other day and for kindly accepting my son at your school this year. I hope to have a pleasure to meet you again in the future.

Kind Regards,


Thank you from Marty

Hi Nancy,

martyThank you so much for being a part of my farewell dinner, and for the card and gifts. It was a very special night for me.

I didn’t know your email address but knew I could find Tom Thumb’s. I had fun looking at the photos on your website. It brought back memories of when my kids went there. Amazing that Ann Gaspari is still a part of the school. You do a great job year after year with the school and I wish you many more years of success.

You were always a fun partner at tennis too. I really like that you never give up and keep encouraging your partner too. I miss those afternoon games.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great 2016.


Thank You Note from the V Family 2014

At the end of the academic school year, we received many,  “Thank you Notes“. The following is a snapshot image of a note we received in June of 2014. It’s always a pleasure to receive these notes.

Testimonal thank you note

Thank you Note received during end of the school year (June 2014) from the V Family.


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