Mini Olympics – Feedback

Mini Olympics – Feedback

Good afternoon Ms. Brophy,

I wanted to formally tell you how impressed I was with the Mini Olympics performance on Monday. I know all the hard work that goes into any school event and can’t even imagine the time, effort, and practice that was involved in making an event like this possible with such young children.

The fact that 3-year-olds were able to perform like that in front of an audience and make it look effortless is a testament to all the teachers’ hard work. The t-shirts, medals, and pictures were all adorable as well, and I know I will treasure keeping these items as memories for when Dominic gets older.

I want to give a huge shout-out to Coach Marcos, Ms. Licini and the Red Room Aides, and anyone else involved in making Monday’s performance so amazing.

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event for parents and students!


Kristy Z.

Tom Thumb is Getting Ready for the Mini-Olympics


We are all polishing our Olympics skills

Tom Thumb students are getting ready for the 2016 Mini-Olympics. We have queued the music and our students are walking-through this year’s program at Dynamic Gymnastics. We are rehearsing and having fun web_mini-olymics23by participating with skilled games. Our kids are practicing those games that are included in the program. Each Mini-Olympics game is a little competitive playful activity and a fun challenge for both fine and gross motor skills. We are preparing to perform in front of parents at this year’s Mini-Olympics.

Please support our Tom Thumb students with cheers, smiles and applause at our 2016 Mini-Olympics that’s scheduled in March for Seniors and in May for Juniors. See the Tom Thumb Calendar for more details.

Tom Thumb Mini Olympics

Tom Thumb Senior Mini Olympics will be held in March


Monday, March 24 – MWF classes in the Purple Room and Green Room

Wednesday, March 26 -MWF classes in the Blue Room and Orange Room

Thursday, March 27 – T/Th classes(2 day students) the Blue and Green Rooms

These are regular Tom Thumb school days. The “mini-olympics” are at the Dynamic Gymnastics building and will last about 1 hour, all are encouraged to attend and you may bring your family and friends (this is the only event that this is possible). Children wear your Tom Thumb T-Shirt!
–“Mini-Olympics” starts at 9:10 am.
Children are dropped off at Tom Thumb at 8:45am. Don’t be late.
Regular dismissal times at Tom Thumb.
Come and cheer your child on! Parents can park at Dynamic Gymnastics and go directly to the upper deck in Dynamic’s building.


Tom Thumb Junior Mini Olympics will be in May


Monday, May 5 for MWF classes in the Yellow and Red Rooms

Thursday, May 8 for the T/TH (2 day students) in the Yellow, Red and Orange Rooms.

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