Note from Amanda

Note from Amanda

note from amanda about meet madame
Thursday, November 9

Hi Mrs Fitzgerald,

Logan and I had the most amazing experience at CVS on Monday. A lovely couple went out of their way to talk with Logan and surprised him by buying a toy fire truck that he was admiring. The woman was “Madame” (Ann Gaspari) – she said worked with you at Tom Thumb for many years! (she taught French)

If you are in contact with her, please extend my deepest gratitude for her kindness and generosity. It caught me by surprise just as much as Logan – the world needs more of these small acts of love ♡.

I hope you enjoy the long weekend!

Amanda S.

ann gaspari

Ann Gaspari – a respected Tom Thumb legacy teacher – retired. We miss sparkling personality teaching French 

The Entire L Family are Tom Thumb Graduates

The Entire L Family are Tom Thumb Graduates

thank you from tom thumb parents

Thank You from the L Family


Thank you for 5 years

Dear Mrs. Brophy,
I don’t have enough room on this card to write all of the wonderful things about you, your school and your staff. Over the past 5+ years, you have done such a great job keeping my children safe, happy, and well educated. I am proud to say that my family of four are all Tom Thumb graduates. We truly cherish all the hard work and dedication to the children in your care and especially after such a trying year and a half, you always found a way to ensure that our children could still enjoy school and celebrate milestones safely.

My only regret is that I don’t have a third child so we could continue our time at your exceptional school. You are all so appreciated and I am so glad you were in my children’s lives.

Thank you!
Love – The L. Family

Isabella’s 3 Years at Tom Thumb

Isabella’s 3 Years at Tom Thumb

Margaret’s email to Nancy Brophy

Hi Mrs. Brophy

I hope this finds everyone well.  I have been struggling with the right words to express what Isabella’s three years with you and your teachers have meant to us, especially to her.  Last night gave me the right words.  Around 9:15, she came downstairs to find us watching 100,000 Pyramid.  I decided to let her stay to watch a few minutes before bringing her back up.  I explained the game to her and decided to try to play with her.  In true 4-year-old fashion, she wanted to go first.  This is how the conversation went.

Isabella: I want to go first.  Soap, a tree, a dinosaur
Mommy: Things in Isabella’s head
(we laugh)
Mommy: Now it’s my turn.  A circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle…Things that are ______ ( I was expecting her to say shape)
Isabella: Symmetrical

My husband and I were floored by her response.  This is a true testament to what all of your teachers have done for her.  Isabella is truly prepared for her next chapter.  If she could take Mrs. Cichetti in her pocket to Kindergarten, she would.   Thank you again for all that you have done for our girl.  You got one more coming!

Have a great summer.  We will see you at camp.

The D Family

2020 Note from L Family

2020 Note from L Family

Mrs. Brophy,
You and your school have been such an important part of my family’s lives for so many years now, and we appreciate your dedication and hard work. Especially with how last year ended & this year shaped out to be, you continue to show your excellence & diligence. We love Tom Thumb & will always hold it in our hearts.
The L Family
Christmas Card from the L Family

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