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UPK Enrichment -- This is a supplement program only for kids enrolled in another preschool school

tom thumb playgroundTom Thumb fenced-in playground UPK Enrichment Program is open to all children enrolled in the UPK Lakeland School District who attend half day sessions.


Due to the limited space of this program, once each class is filled, enrollment will be closed. This program was specifically developed for the UPK students in this area of the Lakeland Central School District.

Our New UPK Enrichment Program

Our UPK Enrichment Program is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the:

  • Mornings from 8:45am to 12pm
  • Afternoons from 11:00am to 3:15pm

Each half day sessions provides:

  • Morning session: Language Arts, Physical Education, Music, French
  • Afternoon Session: Math, Science, Drumming, French

Call the Tom Thumb Office (914) 528-5600 or email Carol at to enroll and learn more about this program.


Tom Thumb Campus provides fenced-in playground and supervised

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